Change/Create Simulated Garage Door Open with Momentary Push?

Maybe I popped this into the wrong section before, I assumed someone would have an answer or suggestion to this.

I’ve got a momentary push button gate which opens and closes itself after 2 minutes. I’m currently using the simulated garage door opener with a fibaro relay for it. The problem is, it always reads it as open - i’m sharing this with Homekit via Homebridge and thus it’s always got the gate as open there too.

Is there a way I can edit the device handler to be a momentary button instead, so that that it’ll reset to closed. I thought about having an app that resets it back to closed but that causes another press of the “button” and trigger of the relay which changes the gate behaviour.

It’s mostly a visual thing in the Home app, as even when it says open, if you ask Siri to open the gate it’ll still trigger the open command anyway, but it would be nice to sort something out.

I did try this app with a fake always closed sensor. The problem is what I experienced about you can’t just make the simulated gate button appear closed without sending the trigger to the relay.

Maybe I could edit the simulated garage door opening device type to open work when you press open (disabling the close function?) it’s a bit convoluted as it’s 3 devices and an app to do it when just a momentary push button device type would achieve the same thing.

Reference this:

All it does is implement a push() command which executes an on() immediately followed by off() in the DH itself.