Make contact sensors ignore if we are home?

I’m sure this is simple but is there a way to have sensors ignore alerts when Presence is set to home. Right now my sensors are notifying me even when everyone is home.

Which hub device do you have? It’s a little different for the ADT/SmartThings security panel than it is for any of the other options like the original hub, the Nvidia shield, etc.

Smartthings v2.

How are you arming/disarming your system? We need a little more information as you should not receive notifications in the home mode. You may have some routines or custom rules that are not set up properly.


If you are using the Smart Home Monitor, you can exclude open/close sensors on the second page of the setup, which is the Smart Home Monitor on when you are there. This is also where you exclude interior motion detectors.

Through webCore. I also am using blue iris fusion/server to link BI profiles with ST. But I have an issue with the server showing offline

Anyway my piston is fine I just need a way to ignore sensors when presence is true.

Do you mean the monitoring rule?

I don’t see an exclude from the setup screen.