Is it possible to exclude certain sensors from security?

I was wondering if I could use a motion or door sensor to turn on lights inside the house and exclude them from security (to avoid false alarms). I haven’t gotten the hub yet, but I plan to and I was wondering if this was possible.

Thanks in advanced

Once you get your SmartThings hub you will see that there are lots of things you can do with motion sensors and door contacts without them being related to security.
I use motion sensors to turn off my computer monitors when I leave my office as an example.
I also use door sensor to turn on hallway lights when the front door is opened at night.

Just a couple of examples

If you use Smart Home Monitor, you have the option of selecting all Sensors or selecting individual Sensors.

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Alright, thanks. If I use the Smartthings security, though, would it be possible to exclude specific sensors from it?

The answer is yes, read my post above.

Okay. Sorry, I didn’t see your post until after I replied. Thanks everyone.

It depends on the model of Hub that you get and on the model of sensor.

For all smartthings hubs except the new ADT/SmartThings security panel, it’s very easy to do this with any model of sensor that can be controlled by SmartThings.

The new ADT/smartthings panel, however, has two different types of sensors.

The dual logo sensors which have both the ADT logo and the SmartThings logo are intended for use with the security side and cannot be removed from the security alert features. All the sensors of that model are treated as one zone. And those are the ones that come in the starter kit.

However, you can add additional SmartThings-compatible home automation sensors which can then be used to control lights but cannot be used to alert the ADT monitoring center because they will not be considered part of the security zone.

So for any hub model except the ADT panel, it’s easy. :sunglasses:

If you get the new panel, you cannot do this with the sensors that come in the starter kit. But you can buy other sensors of different brands which you could add to your system and then do this with.

( The ADT/SmartThings panel is very new and works somewhat differently than other SmartThings products, so many community members are not familiar with it yet.)

Thanks. I wasn’t planning on getting the ADT things anyways.

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