How to monitor specific sensors based on presence

Hi there,

My wife and I Airbnb our second bedroom in our apartment.

We have an Open/Close sensor on our master bedroom door. And we want to prevent Airbnb folks from going in. We can’t put a lock on the door for whatever reason.

We have 3 presence sensors, one for me, one for my wife, and one for Airbnb. Here’s the challenge, when any one of us is at home the Smart Home monitor is disarmed and if someone opens our master bedroom door it doesn’t alert us. That’s fine when my wife and I are at home, but we want the system to be armed JUST for our master bedroom door when the Airbnb presence sensor is at home.

Can you arm and disarm only certain sensors based on presence is what I’m saying?

Or I guess another way to look at it would be this logic, When Airbnb presence is home, AND master bedroom door is opened then send an alert.

Thank you!

@kenanali You can do that with Rule Machine:

I just walked through your scenario like this:

Created a new rule with 2 conditions: Condition 1 being “Presence”, and Condition 2 being “Contact”. You’re able to select which device for each condition, and the “state” to look for. In your case, present and open.

Next, Define the Rule by selecting a condition, like Condition 1, and then selecting AND, and then selecting Condition 2. That displays as your presence sensor as Present AND your contact sensor as Open.

Next comes the Action for True or False. You want True. If you have a siren, it has switch capabilities, so select “Turn on these switches” and find your siren. Scroll down just a bit further and select Send a Message and define the settings you need.

Here’s my example: (note, I have a siren, but I didn’t want to PO the wife testing this…)

This should work for ya!

That won’t prevent them from going in. In this situation I 'd consider a camera storing to cloud, completely unconnected to ST. That may also be able to notify for motion.