Make believe there's someone home

Hi all!

Could’ve sworn I saw this somewhere… but can’t find it.

Is there any app that might turn on/off lights at night when there’s NO ONE home?

check out vacation lighting director in the marketplace


The way I do it is to use the “Goodbye” routine. When everyone leaves it turns off all lights & fans, and changes the house mode to “Away”.

Smartligting can do this. I use it to turn on my porch lights and an indoor light when I am not home.

Sometimes SmartThings does that on its own. I hadn’t realized it was a feature. :sunglasses:


I recently got a zwave light switch and am trying to setup something similar but to only have the lights come on when its dark while mode is set away. Any way to set this up? I put in Time restrictions but I think the rule is reading it as only if away is trigger during that time and not turn on the lights during those times. Any clues?

I use Sunset (time) as a trigger in Away mode with SmartLighting…

So at Sunset -10 minutes it triggers, checks status, if away turn on lights.

I tried using lux, but was unreliable. May need to move my Lux sensor to a better location.