Having trouble with Smart Lighting and shutting everything off when I leave the house

I’m trying to automate an “All off” function that turns off every light in the house when I leave in the morning.
I have created a button labeled All Off, and when I tap it before going to bed, it shuts everything off.

My alarm goes off at 4:30AM. Gentle Wakeup dims my bedroom up to 35% over 15 minutes, so as not to disturb my wife.
When the cycle finishes, it turns on the kitchen lights, the living room, and the entryway, porch and driveway lights.
Ten minutes after that, I’m out the door, cell phone in my pocket with Life360 app running my presence sensor in SmartThings.
If I watch my presence sensor in SmartThings, it shows me as being Away, and my son and wife as being present based on their own Life360 apps on their phones. Presence is working awesome for everything.

When I set the Smart Lighting app to press the “All Off” button when I leave, it never works. It is set to run between 4AM and 7AM whenever my presence, and only my presence leaves.
I can drive 30 minutes to work, and everything at home is still on.

Anyone do anything with Smart Lighting and “Off when away” when using multiple presence sensors?

I would contact support for this. It may be an issue with the app. The way departure triggers worked in the past, is only when “everyone leaves”. Although the app let’s you select one or more “arrival sensors” under the “Which presence” section, the very next option “turn off when…” only allows you to select “everyone leaves” or “someone arrives”. So the latter selection may ignore the former selection.

I would use a routine for this.

Tim, can you confirm that if you select “Everyone Leaves” and then you just pick one person, it will trigger ONLY when that person is not present and not when “everyone leaves”? I remember running into that problem before…

I have set this up as a routine as well, and it still does not work.
@SBDOBRESCU is on the ball with what it seems to be doing. I believe it is still detecting my son and wife at home, thus it is not triggering, even though I’m the only one checked.

I am having the same problem. Both my fiancé and I work in the operating room and have to take call at night. I have tried to do a similar thing so that the alarm arms automatically when she leaves but I’m home. No deal. I’ve even used SmartRules to accomplish this. SmartRules works for everything else except this.