Make a custom device now without groovy?

I’ve been hands-off with Smartthings for a while, so much that I am completely out of the loop. Now I need to create a new custom device that sends a HTTP request on the local network (I was going to do this as a virtual button), but I have no idea how to do this now without the IDE or groovy. Is this still possible? Basically, I just want a virtual button that when pressed will send an HTTP request. I can then add this to custom automations (this is an animal feeder I just made, so I need to automate it dispensing food twice a day).

DTHs will be replaced with Edge Drivers.

Start with this FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Then go to the quick browse list of community – created edge Drivers and look for the Miscellaneous Function list, there are some there that may already do what you want. :sunglasses:

Also, separately, if you just need a virtual device, here’s a clever edge driver:

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See if this edge driver from @TAustin will do the trick: