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Major issue with device connectivity (ALL TYPES) past few days

When you submitted an email to support, you should have received an auto response with a ticket number. If not, DM me the email you used to contact support

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Tracy this jives exactly with what I am seeing. When this issue happens, all sensor devices keep “reporting in”. I have door and window sensors as well as a motion sensor, and all keep working. Thermostat seems to keep reporting temp properly as well. It is simply that you can’t send any outbound commands until you reboot.

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Thanks Aaron. The handshake was caught in a spam filter. I’ve located it and have replied to the latest request in the thread and will continue to work the support process (I do understand the value of answering and trying Tier 1 support’s requests in order to eliminate possibilities). The issue, however, is not a network change on my end - and others in this thread are having the same problem. I’ll reach out by PM and find out if we’re using the same network gear, which is unlikely but possible, and will report back here (and on the ticket) what we find.

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Yeah all of my switches respond (they are continuing to update temp and tell me open/close). My bulbs don’t do anything whenever I try to turn them on or off. Strangely though my floodlight won’t respond to my app or Alexa commands either but is still turning on and of based on my sunset lighting automation. Some of my “phantom” lights that I set up (I created a light in ide to run all three light bulbs in my fans, etc) are still following my automations and are showing as turned off but the lights they are supposed to turn off aren’t doing so. I’ll have to investigate further when I get home.

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Update to this thread: Support has responded:
“In this particular case, the Hub is mostly able to communicate and when that is the case, the Hub does not change anything in terms of its network configuration.” and “This is either an issue with the network or the Hub itself”

To be fair, support has offered to send a replacement hub - with the associated expense of dis-associating dozens of devices and re-associating with (and recreating all the rules for) the new hub. Not something I’m excited about doing without further troubleshooting. As it stands now, I have offered later this week to run some tests using a different router/switch and will report back my findings.

It is very ironic that at least three of us have the exact same problem at the exact same time. We’ve verified through PMs that we have different network gear. What are the chances our network gear all gave up on the same day?

If you are seeing this thread because of similar problems, please let us know here and also open a support ticket.


Summary of Symptoms:

  • The problems for all of us started approximately between last Sunday 12/11 and Wednesday 12/14. I actually opened my ticket thinking that I was still affected by the outage reported on 12/11 because we lost functionality and never gained it back; its as if the problem still isn’t fixed.
  • Automated tasks run sometimes (turn light on when a door open sensor detects a change)
  • Switches, particularly Jasco/GE, Aeon/Aeotec, GE Link, Belkin, lightify and perhaps others) do not respond at all to on/off commands from the ST app.
  • The IDE (and the App logs) show that the switch has turned on/off when in fact it has not.
  • Manually calling a Routine from the ST app does not seem to have any effect.
  • Automated Routines (based on time of day) also do not seem to have any effect (like changing to night mode at 11pm. Some of us (me included) are still investigating whether the mode (Home/Away) changes correctly or not in both of the above scenarios (manual/automated routine firing)
  • No changes have been made to our networks anytime in the 6 months prior to the problem starting. For some of us at least, the network hardware has been in place before ST v1 Hub and later the ST v2 hub was installed.
  • There are no restrictions to our ST Hubs - they have unfettered access to the internet 24x7.
  • The problem can be temporarily fixed by resetting the ST v2 hub (unplug, press reset button with a pen, plug back in and wait for the green light).
  • The temporary fix lasts 2 to 8 hours but never more than that.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating!

If it were me, the first thing I would try is changing the device type handler for the problem switches. If your current handler is running locally, switch to one which is running in the cloud. Or vice versa. You can change the device type handler assignment through the IDE.

After you change the device type handler, then take your hub off of power (including removing the batteries) and leave it off for 20 minutes.

While normally we would do that to force A zigbee heal, and these are not zigbee devices, in this case we’re doing it to force the hub to re-sync with the cloud account.

Then just put the hub back on power and see if anything gets better.

This has the advantage of being easy to try, because you don’t have to change any of your smart apps or even physically handle the devices. It’s just a configuration change.

I’m not saying it will fix things, but if it’s a bug in the device handler, changing to a different one would identify that. So I would try that first before replacing the hub.

Just a thought. There was a bug in a GE device handler in October, so you never know. Maybe a bad version got distributed.

Good luck – – I hope you find a resolution soon.

@JDRoberts I think what is missing from this response, is this exact same problem is happening to people with both V1 and V2 hubs. I don’t have any local device handling or battery backup to worry about as I have a V1 hub. We already know rebooting the hub instantly fixes the problem - but it comes back after a few hours. We also already know the problem is not Zigbee / ZWave related, because the devices keep reporting back without issue. It is only inbound commands from the cloud that never get processed.

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My bad, I didn’t realize this was the V1 hubs also. Even so, I would still try just changing the device type handler first to see if that makes any long-term difference. ( not to force local versus cloud processing, just in case there is a bug in a particular handler.) Just looking for something that might only affect some people and not others.

Again, I hope they find a fix for you one way or another soon.

Support is going to try and do a force delete on two of my bulbs and then have me reattach them and see if it solves the issue. I’ll report back with if it fixes anything. I’m not too excited about the idea of having to recreate all of my lighting automation though.


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Hope you get some success. Support has gone dark on me, has not replied to my past two emails.

It’s a shot in the dark, but if you have Sonos devices, try removing them. I had the same symptoms awhile ago and it ended up being a bug in Sonos Connect.

I have no Sonos devices. See earlier comments…

I can report same issues over the past week. Too busy to do much troubleshooting until yesterday when I unplugged my hub for 20 minutes. I excluded a couple z-wave devices and re-added them. Some odd behavior in that the old devices remained alive in my device list after being excluded. Also odd behavior with zigbee bulbs and Aeon multisensor and Aeon Multisensor 6 which have been behaving oddly for weeks despite device type changes. Some smartsense water and motion sensors also showed in device list as offline but were still reporting and active and triggering smartapps. And stuff like I’m back and Good Morning routines seemed to trigger as expected, and after expected mode changes while smartapps triggered like they should in Home mode, the actual mode still reported as Away or Night until I manually triggered the I’m back or Good Morning routine again.

So absolutely yes some problems on the ST side this week but if I wasn’t paying attention, for the most part the only actual usability impact was with some failing zigbee/osram bulb on/off behavior and some GE wall outlets failing to respond and having to be re-added to the network as new devices.

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I’m having the same issues and they started after the last hub update. I’m on a v2 hub. I’m able to see a zwave switch, but unable to control if from the hub. Oddly… though I can’t turn the switch on or off, i can refresh the energy data and it reports current wattage level - despite telling me the switch is off (switch is on and powering an E61 espresso machine.) I had similar issues when I first bought the hub. Things stabilized after an update and were reliable up until the last hub update.

I’m ready to dump SmartThings. I’m attempting to control a simple switch with simple routines. If I’m going to have to baby sit something, I’ll just use a raspberry pi to control a relay bank. If SmartThings can’t get their crap together, they won’t be getting any more of my money.

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Hi everyone, support has asked me to relay this message

“Would you post there and ask everyone to write in having this issue, and reference your ticket number 293016? I’d like to get a problem ticket going and apply additional pressure so we can get you all a resolution.”

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I discovered this forum topic while searching for issues that I am currently having. I have the same issues. V2 Hub, GE Z-Wave switches. After about 1 day, switches become unresponsive. A hard reset solves the issue for about a day. Switches are also unresponsive from a z-wave secondary controller until resetting the SmartThings hub.

Is there a way to roll back firmware to test?

@JoeB if you re having the same issues, please contact suport by email, chat, or phone and ask to be added to my ticket number 293016. The more people on the ticket the father we will get a solution. I think we’re up to 10 people now in this thread alone.

I’m having similar issues…
I completely wiped everything trying to resolve. Contacted support yesterday and they gave me the run around. I was told the issue was that my linear brand switches weren’t on the compatibility list and “COULD” be the cause of my issues. Only devices working properly for me are Cree and GE bulbs. Can’t control any switches or contacts. I asked if my firmware could be rolled back as I had no issues prior. I was told no. It should be our choice to determine if we want automatic updates. Thanks JDRoberts for pointing me here. I’ll reference ticket number 293016.

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I reset and then paired my bulbs per directions from support. They pair fine but then won’t respond. I have to leave for work but I suspect that if I reset the hub they would work again like the others for a bit. I referenced the ticket number above. I hope we get some answers soon because I’m getting increasingly more frustrated at this situation.