Major changes in Capabilities for Classic and for the new

It appears that SmartThings has some major change in their capabilities reference that have not been advertised (or as usual, I was taking a nap).

  1. Segregation. We now have separate lists of “Classic” app and “New” app capabilities.

  2. Sunsetting. In the Classic, a lot of the previous “live” capabilities in the classic are now “dead” (i.e., bulbs, lights) or depreciated (i.e., music player). In the new capabilities, these capabilities no longer appear!!!

Not a real problem, but definitely a nice to know going forward.

Question: Will the classic capabilities have to be reconciled prior to going to the new app???



Very interesting. I especially like how “Button” and “Holdable Button” are both deprecated in Classic, and completely missing from New.

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Since I don’t fully understand this stuff, forgive me if this is a dumb question.

I have written a couple smartapps for my own use. Where I wanted to know the current status of a switch or light I used device.currentswitch or device.currentstate.

Looking at the capabilities now I would just use device.switch???

When you say change in capabilities are you referring to the new Samsung docs vs the classic ST docs?

Yes. The capabilities do not match between the two. Additionally, with it’s reappearance, the classic documentation has some previous Live capabilities now Dead or Depreciated. I think this impacts smart apps going forward (since they often detect devices based typically on capabilities). I do not know how a “dead” capability would impact a device handler with the capability listed.


Additionally, the depreciated capabilities on the classic documentation are NOT in the documentation for the new app (a week or so ago, the lists were the same). Capability polling and refresh may both be going away.

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Another piece of news: the Contact Address book will no longer be available after the migration to the new Samsung account (for those who had it with ST Classic, it won’t be migrated and there’s no way to re enable it).

Not quite true at present. I was migrated to a Samsung account and am still using my contacts, but I did have to set it up again. It’s available in the new app if the smart app supports it. I’m guessing it will totally disappear when the Groovy IDE is depreciated.

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Someone is asleep at the wheel. From the Classic App supported capabilities list:


Is everyone referring to the Groovy IDE as Classic App?

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The IDE isn’t mentioned, just the mobile app version:

There is still no official documentation on developer tools for hub-connected devices on the new IoT platform. So as far as I can tell, for now, we’re still exclusively working with Groovy smart apps and device handlers.

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Can you share a screenshot please?

ah, i see that now. not sure if I have any devices using deprecated capabilities to test with the new app.

here is the screen in your Door Lock Manager smart app using the new app

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Awesome thanks. Just to confirm, you’ve migrated your account from SmartThings to Samsung, is that correct?

Just going to leave this here…

Deprecated is normally used today for some feature of a computer language/platform which is still supported, but no longer recommended. It may not be supported at some time in the future, because it doesn’t fit well with the way the language/platform is being developed.

Depreciated, on the other hand, derives from Latin pretium=price. It’s used of things which have reduced in value (typically monetary value) over time.


yup, was in the Beta many moons ago. Wouldn’t be able to access the new app without a Samsung account.

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Concur. To a programmer it means do not use for new code and when updating code, replace. It is just the extreme number of items being depreciated that smart apps may use (i.e., webcore, ActionTiles, and others.

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Yet, you keep typing depreciated instead of deprecated? :wink:

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It looks like I’m not the only pedant who dies a little inside everyone I see these getting mixed up :smiley: