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I get push notifications from an Aeon contact sensor when my mailbox is opened. However, sometimes I get false signals for multiple reasons. Thus when the door is opened, I sometimes want to check it remotely to see if there is any mail and maybe the contents. And a camera may help catch a thief.

So I added a Blink camera to the door:

Here is how it looks from inside the mailbox:

You can see the Aeon sensor on the opposite door.

Of course the Blink is not rated for outdoor use.

EDIT: To get a more flush mount, drill a hole in the knockout and screw it to the door. To stabilize it, super glue the knockout to the cover.

This 1/2 inch reduction brings about 1 1/2 inch more of the mailbox contents into view.

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very cool!
At first, I was going to ask, “Why not attach it on the back wall instead of the door” lol I just didn’t pay attention to where the opening was that has the Blink, or the fact that there are actually two doors.

Very good work right there.

EDIT: time to buy stock in double-doored mail box manufacturers :slight_smile:


Nice, I did something similar to visually see if my garage door is actually closed. Too bad you just can’t trust these sensors sometimes. I put a sensor in my mailbox too, one that also has temp readings. It can get pretty hot inside a metal mailbox, especially here in sunny So California. What operating temperature is the Blink limited to?

To reduce false signals for me, I used Rule Machine to put in a 12 hour delay to not send any notifications except basically once a day and that seems to work but that doesn’t help if someone is stealing your mail.


Change the sensitivity to 4 and you should be good on false flags.

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The Blink is not rated for outside conditions which includes temperature extremes. However, Blink doesn’t get hot like a powered camera (i.e. Nest) so I suspect it will hold up better. I’m hoping this camera holds out till Blink comes out with the exterior camera they are developing.

First video in action:

[WARNING: Loud audio]
The audio is broken up. Guess Blink isn’t designed for mailbox accustics.:slight_smile:


This is bad, now you’re giving me ideas to get some Blink cameras!

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Yes, they are so easy to set up it is very addicting.

This camera addresses the big flaw of motion sensors, you can check on false alarms.