Mailbox video

I get push notifications from an Aeon contact sensor when my mailbox is opened. However, sometimes I get false signals for multiple reasons. Thus when the door is opened, I sometimes want to check it remotely to see if there is any mail and maybe the contents. And a camera may help catch a thief.

So I added a Blink camera to the door:

Here is how it looks from inside the mailbox:

You can see the Aeon sensor on the opposite door.

Of course the Blink is not rated for outdoor use.

EDIT: To get a more flush mount, drill a hole in the knockout and screw it to the door. To stabilize it, super glue the knockout to the cover.

This 1/2 inch reduction brings about 1 1/2 inch more of the mailbox contents into view.


very cool!
At first, I was going to ask, “Why not attach it on the back wall instead of the door” lol I just didn’t pay attention to where the opening was that has the Blink, or the fact that there are actually two doors.

Very good work right there.

EDIT: time to buy stock in double-doored mail box manufacturers :slight_smile:


Nice, I did something similar to visually see if my garage door is actually closed. Too bad you just can’t trust these sensors sometimes. I put a sensor in my mailbox too, one that also has temp readings. It can get pretty hot inside a metal mailbox, especially here in sunny So California. What operating temperature is the Blink limited to?

To reduce false signals for me, I used Rule Machine to put in a 12 hour delay to not send any notifications except basically once a day and that seems to work but that doesn’t help if someone is stealing your mail.

Change the sensitivity to 4 and you should be good on false flags.

The Blink is not rated for outside conditions which includes temperature extremes. However, Blink doesn’t get hot like a powered camera (i.e. Nest) so I suspect it will hold up better. I’m hoping this camera holds out till Blink comes out with the exterior camera they are developing.

First video in action:

[WARNING: Loud audio]
The audio is broken up. Guess Blink isn’t designed for mailbox accustics.:slight_smile:


This is bad, now you’re giving me ideas to get some Blink cameras!


Yes, they are so easy to set up it is very addicting.

This camera addresses the big flaw of motion sensors, you can check on false alarms.