Mailbox sensor also lets me know when my mailbox has been hit!

I got a notification at 5:44am that the mailbox had opened. Figured it must have been a fluke. Nope, that was accurate.

When I added that open/close sensor I just wanted to know when I got the mail. Never thought about this. :joy:


Someone asleep at the wheel? A neighbor? Publishers Clearinghouse? WOW

Don’t know yet. May never know I guess. They didn’t come back, or leave a note or anything, and I don’t recognize the vehicle from this part of the neighborhood. May scout out the rest of the neighborhood and look for it though.

What in the he1l were they doing? Wow unbelievable.

Which sensor are you using in your mailbox?

One of the Lowes Iris open/close sensors

My guess would be a drunk driver.

I agree. If you watch just how far he rolled down the road it’s unbelievable. Just about had to be impaired some how. I guess the bright side is that he DID manage to hit the mailbox. Otherwise he would have ended up in our woods which is a pretty steep drop off. We’ve had that happen before, it’s not pretty.

Yeah, it’s scary to know that stuff like that can happen right outside your house.

Weird. I’m using the same sensor, which worked fine during Winter, and simply went nuts starting in the Spring. I’ve not had a reliable read from it in months.

But, glad yours was working properly. Nice CCTV setup too.

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I was checking out the CCTV and said to myself, “I need more cameras!”

I use the Visonic $10 sensor and it has been very reliable.

So, when my Iris went bonkers, I tried my Visonic. It literally lasted a few hours before it started sending repeated false positives.

I went back to the Iris, the devil I know. It’s a bit frustrating, but the Iris is supposedly rated for extreme temperatures (though I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Iris products).

Maybe its a range thing?

I’ve had great experiences with Iris Smart Outlet, Motion Sensor and Contact Sensors. The Buttons sux big time.

Have you considered mailFI? We tested mailFi in a variety of conditions including living in the freezer for 6 months as well as environmental testing in Michigan and Washington

This actually happened to me AGAIN about a month ago!

video of the death of my mailbox

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