Blink: wifi camera/motion sensor on Kickstarter

Curious, what was the “defect”?

The sync hub

One of my friends got a Fisheye view on one of the cameras from Blink. They just RMA a replacement too. Blink is good that way. Thanks for the update @Ryan_Guinn.

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Company has been good the tech said they are having to replace a lot of hardware so there been delays but nothing to bad.

I have the 5 cam system I’ll attach photo and a video if I can so you can see it

###We worked with Blink to create a promotion for the ST community. 10% of ALL Blink products :smile:

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I added a Blink to my mailbox:

It also includes an alternate mounting option that may be helpful to others:


I’m still waiting patiently for my tracking info. It’s been a few days now:sob:

Contact their support e-mail. They will respond with the status of your order.

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I did and they said it was going to ship today and it never did.

The problem with Blink shipping is that the work like USPS. The package is shipped out, but they don’t mark it as shipped until it gets to you. Contact them as many times as you need. My friend received her system and had to RMA one of her cameras. They never sent her the tracking info, but she asked for the product shiping page and they gave her the link. And the camera arrived before it really tracked.

I received tracking late last night. I’m kind of pissed, 5 days handling time and you send it ground from CA to BOS. Tracking says I won’t receive it until the 16th. :angry:

True True. They use FedEx to USPS handoff. Sign up for the FedEx account and you can keep track directly if anything is coming to your address. Just look for their point of origin shipping and that is Blink.

That’s what I did and change the shipping to drop off at a Fedex location instead of to your home for pickup and you save about 4 days off of the transit time…

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I ended up returning my Blink Cameras. .the 30 sec lag to start recording was too long

Also there was no way to add multiple users to view the camera feed without sharing my login info…

Quest continues for other monitoring options for our home…

Is the :30 lag common with all cameras?

Did you contact support about the 30 second delay? I haven’t seen any lag and I have been using mine since KickStarter. Notifications…That Yes!

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This makes no sense to me. I have ten Blink cameras and they all record pretty much instantly on motion.

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Insight from Blink:

The server starts receiving the video from the cameras soon as the camera gets on wifi and starts sending. That > usually takes 1-2 seconds, best case, much longer for bad wifi.

That would explain it possibly, check your WiFi quality.

Does anyone get a Blink logo in the lower right hand corner. I noticed Blink’s latest promotions include this:

I don’t have it in my video. This is one of the things I hate about Nest.

Do others have this logo in their videos or did Blink add this later?


I hope there wasn’t anything breakable in that package!! I would totally send that to the delivery company!