Magnetic door lock, diy integration suggestions?


( Cosmo) #1

So I’d like to add these to my doors, 2 sliding patio doors that my wife can never seem to remember lock when she uses them.
It’s mainly for overnight security when I’m not home to always double check locks.

I was thinking of hooking them up to a zwave plug in or in wall outlet as they take DC power, I’d just plug in a wall wart to the zwave device for on/off power.
Basically set it in goodnight routine and automatic after say 10pm.

Would this work?

(Chris) #2

Conceptually it sounds like it would work OK. I didn’t see any specs in your link, but if it requires constant DC power to energize the magnet then seems like it would work fine as long as you had the right DC adapter.

Do those things draw much current to keep the electromagnet energized?


You can check the quick browse list in the community – created wiki in the project report section and look at the list for locks. There are a couple of different electric strike projects there that should give you quite a few ideas. The device you link to is similar to the electric strike except it doesn’t have any moving parts. The one you linked to just uses a magnet to hold the door to the frame.

Note in particular the discussions about fire safety, you want to make sure that people can still get out of the house even if the power is off. Or quickly in the event of a fire with the power still on.

( Cosmo) #4

As for fire safety, these 2 patio doors are flank left and right of garage door. Also, I have my whole home smokes integrated into ST were any smoke detected, all lights turn on, fans off, and hvac off.
I would add depower the mag locks to the routine, as well as a physical on off switch wired in line of power placed right next to door as a final failsafe.