Lynx L5100 Trigger Output

Does anyone have an L5100 and is utilitizing the trigger output to a universal binary z-wave input to have ST recognize that output from the L5100?

Okay, I got my fibaro window/door sensor hooked up to the trigger output of the L5100. I modified the z-wave window/door device type and created a new one for color and icon change. Now I am just needing an action in ST so that when the contact is open = disarmed it changes mode to Home. Then when the contact is closed = armed it changes mode to House is Armed. I have not seen anything in ST as of yet that will let me change modes due to a contact status. Just off of someone coming or going and others or am I not looking hard enough. Can anyone help me?

How did you wire up the Trigger Output? Use a relay or directly to the z-wave sensor?
I want to do this as well, however, I want to use it the control smartthings on alarm. I also have a raspberry pi with 8 relays to control “Arm Away” “Arm Stay” (Using Honeywell Ademco 5834-4 Four-Button Wireless Key Remote) and “Hardwired Zone” and would love to control smartthings on alarm as well to add sirens and turn on lights.

I configured the output of the L5100 for when the system was armed. Then wired it to a fibaro door contact that has the input. Modified the zwave device type for the text and colors.

I connected the Trig and Ground to the Z-wave door sensor, but it says its always closed. Does it matter which ground you use? I used the 2 marked yellow.
thanks, Rick

Or did you have to install something like this first?