Modifying a Panic Button to open door remotely

Hi Community
I’m looking for some inspiration for a mini project - I have a ‘not that smart’ Doorbell called doorbird which has the functionality to open a lock via an app, it does this by closing a pair of contacts within the unit

I am looking to create a wireless link between this device and the Smartthings hub so it can be used to activate my Yale Lock

My idea was to take an Aeon Panic Button and take it to pieces and connect the output from doorbird to the back of the switch so (hopefully) when the ‘open lock’ is activated in the doorbird app, it will make a connection on the Aeon device, causing it to send a signal to the hub which can then be configured to activate the lock.

Does this sound like something worth spending a little money on?

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Tony (SmartThings relative Newbie)

I would suggest instead of trying to hack the aeon panic button, figuring out what kind of voltage the doorbird signal outputs, then get a relay hooked up to it, then hook up the NO, or NC output of the relay (depending on which way you want it) to a monoprice zwave door/window switch (they have terminal blocks under the case that you can attach to.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but monoprice don’t appear to be available in the UK, sorry forgot to mention location in original msg.

The Doorbird just closes a pair of contacts so probably no relay needed
Do you think the Aeon suggestion would work even if a bit more complicated to achieve

I have also found a Fibaro module which looks promising and wouldn’t need much modifying

Thanks for the response


I believe the fibaro door/window sensor has input terminals like the monoprice:

I’m not that familiar with the binary sensor they offer, but from looking at the specs that would probably work as well.