Suport for Ankuoo switches and 3M thermostat

Hi Ben, I have just pre-ordered the new hub and was wondering if it is possible to get support for Ankuoo smart outlets here is the website
I also have a thermostat from 3M this is the website

I would appreciate if I could control all of them from the same app. Thank you.

I used to have this one and it worked pretty well after adding this z-wave module

Geko did a great Wifi integration (that does not need the Zwave Usnap). It was ero4444-proof. I applied it to my CT80 but it is made for your 3M-50.

It helps if you already have the 3M-50 talking on your LAN (that’s a bi-- uh bear), which is probably easier if you have an iPhone / iPad to setup the Tstat.

Please note, Radio Thermostat moved to a new Github repository:

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Thank you for the info. I am totally new to this. Is there a place top get info on how to adapt that code to my hub?

Yes there is a place. It’s a copy-paste exercise. There are more detailed instructions in several other threads but basically:

  • you setup a real hub and standard devices
  • you create a login to the online IDE at
  • you make a standard device of any type in “my devices” and call it e.g. “RRsThermostat”
  • in “my device types” you make a custom “device type” named “Radio Thermostat” by
  • copying and pasting, saving and publishing the Geko code from
  • you edit the standard “RRsThermostat” to be a “Radio Thermostat”

ok maybe not just copy-paste. But adaptation is not necessary.

Forgot to mention, the best part about the Wifi integration is, you have to don’t break the also-pretty-good OEM portal/remote and smartapp access to your Tstat.

And they recently upgraded the remote access (to compete better with Ecobee3 I suspect). They added “radar range” (something like that) to implement geopresence setting (tho I don’t use it), and an EXCELLENT daily history graph showing temperature, runtime and lost-comm-time. Some of these features were attempted as subscription add-ons but they must have given that up because it is freakin’ sweet and free now. Which is good because the physical interface to my CT80 is a dot-matrix dog, I hate touching it.

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