5 geothermal thermostats with 3 heat and 2 cool

I’m looking for thermostats that will work on my house, but I have a complicated setup. As the title says, I have 5 thermostats that run off of 2 geothermal units, and each thermostat has 3 heat and 2 cool controls. Is there a compatible thermostat with ST that can fit my needs? The units are climate master if that helps?

List the current thermostat models and the units you have to help. Do any of the zones cross over?

I have Honeywell 9000 series LCD’s running my geothermal, and they work great. They have specific settings for geothermal, which aren’t groundbreaking but I highly recommend. Specifically cycle limiting for short cycle protection. They are expensive though, and the device type that controls them is a community version.

Others can chime in, the Ecobee’s are really nice, and Nests are good but I think they are a community device too? Good luck. Take your time on this, over the years I’ve gone through many thermostats to finally settle on my Honeywells.

I will give you the original thermostat info when I can, however I did just install Emersons Sensi (1f86u-42wf). These thermostats are wifi enabled, so I was also wondering if it’s possible to use these instead, since I’m happy with them.

I don’t think they are supported, search the board for “emerson” and see if anyone is working on a devicetype for it.

If you or someone you know can code, ST has been made to work with a lot of devices. If not, new thermostats will get you there.

I will do a forum search, I did look at the compatible products and it’s not there. I was really asking if it’s possible. The thermostat works off of wifi, not zwave or zig bee. Not sure how ST works but I’d expect it to work with any wifi enabled device.