Lutron RA2 Select w/ Smartthings (UK)?

does RA2 Select from Lutron work with smartthings? and specifically, if you’re in the UK?

would love to hear from any existing users.

thank you.

I didn’t think the Lutron RA2 Select system works with UK electrical systems, but maybe I’m wrong…

Anyway, RA2 light switches and curtain controls are included in the official Lutron/smartthings cloud to cloud integration, but other Lutron devices, including Pico buttons and Maestro keypads are not. There is a long FAQ on the Lutron site:

You can control any RA2 Select dimmer or switch, as well as any Lutron wireless shade in the SmartThings app. You can individually control each device, and also add them to other automated features such as schedules, Routines, and SmartApps.

So the integration is limited to specific device models.

i’ve had it confirmed from a person who works doing design for commercial buildings that RA2 select is indeed compatible with UK electrical systems.

However, Lutron themselves have said it’s not compatible with smartthings in the UK.