Lutron RA2 Select integration in the UK?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to connect my Lutron system to SmartThings and, although Lutron is in the list of supported systems, in the UK the integration is not supported.

Has anybody found a way to make this work? It is the Lutron RA2 Select system.

Thank you.

The integration that is supported in the US is for the Lutron Caseta line. That line is not sold in Europe or the UK.

You should be able to do a limited integration through Ifttt, have you looked into that?

The Lutron Radio RA2, RA2 Select and HomeWorks systems all use the Lutron Connect bridge. Phyiscally this appears pretty much identical to the Lutron Caseta bridge although also seems to be black in colour vs the white Caseta model.

It would appear that despite being effectively identical hardware and speaking the same wireless proprietary protocol it is using sufficiently different software. I would have thought however the differences would likely be small enough to make developing a version to link from Smartthings should not be too hard.

Frankly I regard RA2 Select to be a complete and utter waste of time. Their in-line modules do not support linking to wired switches and hence if you still have wired switches have the same problem as you would with smart bulbs. Also as has been pointed out UK regulations require having wired switches.

If only Lutron would wake up and do a European version of Caseta - even if it involved micro modules which could like Fibaro be wired to a physical switch.

Thank you for your response. Yes I am aware of IFTTT as a workaround, but I would have preferred native support.

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Only had the RA2 Select system for 6 months, but very happy with it. In my house, I have kept backboxes in place, but joined the cabling so that it is always live and then covered the backboxes with Lutron switches.