Lutron Latency

A little while ago, Lutron released a new/ updated integration that included (finally) their smart fan switches. After adding this, I had two lutron “linked services,” one with my 6 Lutron light switches and one with 9 devices (switches and fans). I deleted the Lutron service (with the 6 devices) trying to remove duplicate devices…
Now, my Lutron switches are not updating their status in ST, unless I manually update the device (thru the app). I can no longer add the secondary Lutron integration (non US) that included the fans as it appears that Lutron that updated the original service to now include the fans…
Anyway, how do I fix my latency issue with the Lutron switches not updating their status??? I’ve rebooted everything, I’ve have deleted my automation and recreated it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Remove both and start fresh with the new integration. I had the same issue.

For others who might come across this thread… remove the old lutron integration before installing the new one or you will encounter the lag.


I removed Lutron under Linked Services and re-added it back in, but I’m still having the delay issue

Did you remove both… not just the old one?

Let me know if I’m not following you on this…
I had Lutron twice under Linked Services and everything worked great, except I had duplicate devices. I removed the original Lutron linked service (without the fans) and noticed the delays. I removed the remaining Lutron linked service, with the lights and fans (the secondary non-US one that added the fans), and I re-added the only one available (US, now with fans!!). But the delay is still there.

Not sure what to say… I went through the same issue - installed the new integration while I had the old one and encountered the lag which messed up my automations. It was horrible. In my case, I removed the old and still encountered the issue so I removed the new one, installed it again and my lag disappeared and it has been fine since.

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I’ll give it a few days to see if it clears up… I just re-added everything yesterday, so maybe over the weekend it’ll get better!