Lutron Connected Bulb Remote (Hue White Gen2)

Just an FYI for anyone hoping to use this on the Philips Hue White Gen2 bulbs - it will reset them, go through the entire blinking procedure, but the bulbs will not be visible directly from the SmartThings Hub.

One of my bulbs randomly disconnected and it was completely unreachable. I was hoping a factory reset would fix it, but no such luck.

I completely reset my SmartThings Hub hoping another randomly assigned Zigbee channel would help, to no avail.

My bulb that WAS still reachable became soft-bricked after resetting it with the remote.

A GE Link Bulb and Hue White Ambiance (both BR30) were reset by the remote just fine.

I know using the Philips Bridge is the recommended set-up, but I was kind of surprised that one of my bulbs became unreachable after attempting to reset it with the remote.

Both bulbs are definitely still functional, as the remote can control them directly with no problem.

YMMV, but just a heads up.

Is the remote that can control them joined to the hub?

If so, was it joined to the hub at the time that you attempted to do the reset?

There are some situations that can cause the behavior that you’re seeing, and it has to do with the sequence of how everything gets joined together, which made need to be different for a reset than it is for a join.

@Sticks18 might be able to say more.

I may have attempted the reset before joining the remote to the hub, but it only negatively impacted the Hue White Gen2 bulbs.

I tried pretty much every possible sequence with no luck. Got the device handlers, etc. What’s weirder is they don’t even show up as a “Thing.” I purchased a 2-pack of the bulbs previously and one of the bulbs didn’t work straight out of the box. They were factory sealed, not part of a Hue Bridge package. Odd.

It happens sometimes with network devices that the device was paired to a test network at the factory and just didn’t get cleared before it ships. You just do a reset.

@sticks18 would know more, but I think you have to take the remote off the hubs network before trying the reset, then reset but don’t Join the bulb to the remote, then put the remote back on the network, and then add the bulb.

A Zigbee device can only have one coordinator, so if the Bulb thinks the remote is its coordinator then the bub will remain invisible to the hub.

But maybe there is just something different about the Gen 2 white bulbs. I haven’t heard of anything, but you never know.

I don’t think my problem is an isolated event. I found someone else with a similar problem here: