[Alpha] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

To solve this particular goal, any of the 3 will work; and it looks like you did your homework well. Couple of quick comments:
For 2, ST doesn’t support native zigbee groups/scenes; but there are SmartApps for controlling groups and triggering scenes (Rule Machine is good for everything/anything you can think of! Trend Setter is a good SmartApp for dedicated group-like control). The difference is that you may notice the bulbs triggering sequentially with ST; whereas native zigbee groups/scenes are pretty much simultaneous (note: if you uses a slower transition effect, the sequential triggering is less noticeable).
For 3, you don’t even need ST in that scenario. You can pair the GE Links and Lutron to the Hue Hub (see Rishi’s posts a couple above). And I actually think 2 will have a steeper learning curve because ST will require a bit more tinkering than Hue.

Personally, for just this use case I think the user experience will be 1>3>2 with 1 being by far the best user experience for simple lighting controls like this and the most stability. If you like to tinker and see this as more of a hobby, then 2 might be the best. I think the real question you need to think about here is what’s next?

If you stop at lighting, I’d go with Hue. If this is a going to be a gateway into HA, you might be better off with ST because you can easily start expanding into other areas of home automation. To get the best ST experience, you will want to be comfortable reading these forums and cutting/pasting code. If you also want to get your hands dirty in some code, more power to you, but it’s not necessary.

Either way, I don’t think you would need or want to have both ST and Hue to solve this one. Pick one with an eye to the future and run with it!

Thanks for the detailed and prompt response. I think I’ll take this route:

  • Start with GE Links and Hue Hub for just the 1st 6 kitchen bulbs
  • Order an Lutron Connected Dimmer and a Hue Dimmer and see what I think before I get more dimmers or bulbs
  • Expand to the rest of the kitchen with the bulbs/dimmers I have decided on

For next steps, I have 2 parallel things to try:

  1. Deck lighting via non-Hue outdoor ratedLED strips
  2. Get a ST hub and experiment connecting to Hue Bridge, a few outlet adapters, and my z-wave door lock

Has anyone tried to use this remote with Commercial Electric recessed smart light?

I couldn’t find a definitive answer, but I’m pretty sure these lights are Zigbee HA, not Zigbee Light Link which means they won’t work natively with the Lutron remote. They won’t be able to complete the pairing process via Touchlink (at least one review said they failed this process with the Hue Hub).

You could use the hack that adds them to the zigbee group.

I got my phase 1 installed tonight using GE bulbs and 2 Hue dimmers: one for the over the sink bulb and 1 for all of the lights on that circuit including the sink bulb.

Everything works pretty well except for 1 of the GE bulbs seems to miss getting the signal from the Hub once in a while and I need to hit the dimmer or the scene in the Hue app again for it to respond with the rest. It might be wifi interference; I plan to check the channels my home network is running on tomorrow.

I thought I would prefer the Lutron dimmer but I like the Hue versions enough to not try the Lutron yet. I actually like the slightly larger size.

I’m having my home network wiring expanded later in the month after which I’ll likely expand the kitchen and add the ST hub.

Thanks for all of the work and comments in this thread… been very helpful…

So, I’ve been using 3 Hue White (newer version of the Lux) bulbs for about 3 months now… after a power outage, they came back on, but lost communication with the Hub (v1) (lost a few Link bulbs also, but easier to reconnect)… since these are not fully supported and don’t have a toggle method to reset, I purchased this Lutron remote… I’ve added the alpha device type and reset the remote, added to ST (to get it on the ST ZigBee network), no problems… the remote is successful at connecting to and/or resetting the Hue White bulbs directly… but, I can’t get the bulbs to reconnect or connect as new devices to the ST hub… I can’t see anything happening in the Live Logging with the bulbs (or the remote, since the initial setup)…

Does anyone have any clue how to get them back under control of ST?

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I think you need to factory reset the bulbs using the remote. With the remote very close to the bulb, hold the 2nd and bottom buttons on the remote. The bulb should blink and the remote’s led will come on. Keep holding until the remote’s led goes off.

Bottom right video here:

Once each bulb is factory reset, you should be able to connect it to ST as if you just bought it.

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Yeah… I’ve done that… worked just fine… except I can’t get the bulb to be found by ST after the reset… very perplexing…

That is strange. You can’t connect it to the remote before connecting it back to ST using the Connect New Device process otherwise it might again be on a different zigbee network. That’s the only thing I can think of that could be happening…

(Note: You’ll pretty much never see anything in the logs from the remote. It only sends out broadcast messages, which the ST hub isn’t setup for. This is normal behavior from the remote.)


I am planning on getting aLutron connected bulb remote.

And I want to use it with ST Hub.
Can I use it as a button device and trigger actions with it ?
Does it have to control only lights ? Or any action could be added to it ?

If yes, can I use each button as a different function ?
(as it has 4 buttons)

No, unfortunately you cannot. This remote will only work to directly control certain zigbee bulbs (namely bulbs using Zigbee Light Link standard).

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thanks. so it uses a different different device type than remotes like “aeon minimote” ?

I would expect to be able to integrate it like a button device using custom smart apps (since it is connected to ST)
it is a device with buttons :slight_smile:

Correct. Both ST and the users here in the community have tried, but unfortunately there is no way for the hub to know when the buttons are pressed on the remote with the current architecture of ST. It’s mostly the way the remote was designed, but also has to do with how ST has implemented zigbee in their hub. Most dedicated zigbee light link controllers (Hue, Osram) might have better luck, maybe not though.

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So I have my remote working using the alpha device handler, and it did not steal the bulbs from ST; however, after I use the remote to turn OFF the bulbs, turning them back on has some odd behavior. Using the ST app it works fine (though it does not have the correct bulb state, so I have toggle the button OFF then ON), but when using my Echo, Alexa turns the bulbs ON only to the dimmest setting and then complains. I have to then go into the ST app and turn the dimmer back to 100% for each bulb.


I have purchased a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote for resetting my Hue bulbs.
Now that I’ve finished using for this purpose, I am looking for a way to make use of it in other ways.

Can anyone tell me what I can do with the device handler given in the first post of this thread ?

I want to continue using my Hue bulbs with my Hue bridge
But it would be nice if it is possible to use the remote as a button device.


I’d appreciate a reply…

This device does not directly work on the SmartThings platform at this time. You can bind it to a group of bulbs after connecting it (and the bulbs) to ST and use it to control those lights directly, but button presses are not sent to the hub and it cannot be used as a button controller in the traditional sense. Using it with the bulbs in this way can cause ST to lose track of the state of the bulbs temporarily, depending on the bulb.

I’m not sure if you can add it to the Hue hub’s mesh. You might be able to use it similarly to the Hue dimmer.

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Actually I like usingmy bulbs connected to Hue bridge.
I understand from what you wrote that this setup is not supported with Lutron remote.

What about the device handlers given in this thread ? What do they do ?
I had thought that they were made for using Lutron connected to ST hub.

Btw, I couldn’t find how to use it like a Hue dimmer.
Do you know a method ?


All the handler in this thread does is allow the device to be recognized and named appropriately. It has no actual functionality.

As far as using the remote with the Hue bridge, I’ll have to defer to others on that. I don’t use a Hue bridge.

are you sure that the device handler and the smart app does not provide any functionality here: