Lutron Caseta showing as "Switches" and "Lights" in Alexa

Previously I hooked up my Lutron to ST, then ST to Alexa. All my Caseta “dimmers” showed up as “switches,” and the one Caseta “on/off” switch showed up as a “light.” Now, with no rhyme or reason, about half my dimmers are “switches” and half are “lights” in Alexa app…any idea what’s causing this?

I’ve seen the same thing with various Z-wave switches and dimmers.

My best guess is that Alexa is guessing the type based on the name you’ve given the device.

You can change it in the Alexa app

It is SmartThings doing the guessing based on name, this was confirmed by a staff member in another thread. It has something to do with the new platform, they are using some of the new capabilities and if those are not exposed, then it has recently been changed so that smartthings is guessing and using that guess to tell Alexa how to categorize it. Changing the name can change the device class that smartthings is reporting to Alexa.


JDRoberts is correct, if we can’t determine what the device is based on its capabilities or DTH type we do make an educated guess based on the name of the device. This was the case in the old integration as well.

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Regardless of where the guessing is happening, it’s possible to change the classification in the Alexa app.

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