Change device type/description

I am trying to move my control to the Alexa app because the new Smartthings app is a disaster. Over half of my things show as unavailable and the layout sucks.

Anyway in Alexa when you create a group there is a section for lights and switches in each group. Problem is that it puts my ceiling fans under the lights and switch section, I want them just in the switch section.

Do you mean the same device is listed on both sections or you have multiple devices that are identified differently?
Alexa allows you to change a switch to be identified as a light (go into the Alexa app, choose device and select the gear icon, look at device type), but i don’t think you can make a light appear as a switch.

In Alexa, the difference is that some commands only operate on devices that are lights.

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In my Living room group I have a Ceiling Fan and Fire Place fan. They show in both the Lights section and Switch section in Alexa. So if you turn on all light in the living room it also turns on the ceiling fan and fire place fan because they are also listed under lights. In the Alexa setting for both devices the Type is set to switch, but the Description says “SmartThings Light (dimmable)”. I am guessing they are showing up under light because of the description?

If I chance the device type to “Light” it only shows in the Light section and is taken out of the switch section. But when I have it set as “Switch” they show up in both.

I think the Alexa app allows lights to be treated differently so you can use “all lights off” or “all lights on” commands. But that’s as far as it goes; you can’t do anything else. As @TonyFleisher noted, you can change switches to lights, but not the other way around. I don’t know how Alexa determines which are lights in the first place.

Any idea where Alexa gets the description that says “SmarthThings Light (dimmable)” I am thinking maybe that is why it considers it a light. But I find no way to change that description.

i think that is based on device type.
In Alexa, switches can only go on and off, and only lights can be dimmable.
What is the brand and model of the devices?

It is a GE Digital Ceiling Fan Control UPC # 00030878127301

Hi - did you ever find a way to modify the device type? I have the same issue but where dimmer devices are classified as “other” in the Alexa app.