Caseta dimmer won't pair with ST HUB

I just set up my ST Hub in my new house. I have a number of caseta dimmers but when I try to set them up I get an error message that says " discovery failed! un unknown error occurred , please try again" I have tried everything to set these up but no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

The first thing to ask is, do you also own the Lutron bridge regular or pro model? All Caseta products require the Lutron bridge.

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You got the dimmers setup with the Lutron app first, right? We you able to connect ST to Lutron? There are several stages in the setup. You have to authorize ST to access Lutron. This is a cloud to cloud integration. The hubs don’t talk to one another directly. . . . (You aren’t just trying to discover the dimmer, right? That won’t work. If you made that mistake, read the docs.)

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I just went out and bought a smart bridge but my app won’t connect to it. Rebooted several times, did all the usual things I know to do in these situations,

The Lutron app?

Yes. The Lutron Caseta app.

It discovers the Smart Bridge but won’t connect to it.