Control Outlets via Switch


I’m looking to control a few smart outlets that have lamps plugged into them via a smart switch. I’d like to walk into the room, enable the switch, then have the switch turn on both smart outlets.

I was going to achieve this with a TP Link Kasa switch and outlets, however when I went to do the install I realized the light switch in the room doesn’t have a neutral wire.

After doing some research, it looks like the Lutron Caseta Dimmer can be installed without a neutral wire. It also looks like it’s compatible with smartthings. I’ve had a smartthings hub installed in the house for years, so I’m good to go in that department.

So, if I install the Smart Switch Dimmer along with the Lutron Caseta Smart Home Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Switch, will I be able to have the Smart Switch power on/off the plug in switch via smartthings?

Thanks for your help.

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So two different issues.

One yes the Lutron device can work with no neutral. I believe you also need their hub. There are also some other no neutral switch options available now. Im be coming a fan of Innovelli. Id look at theirs too.

Now as to the ‘also control the outlet’ first you jee to make the outlet controllable, so you’ll either need a plug in socket or replace the socket itself. Peanut and Ikea have good cheap plug in options, and GE and others make good hardwired replacement outlets.

Obce your lught switch and socket are bith controllable im SmartThings, fhen you either setup an automation (native or through the Smartlighting smartApp or WebCoRE) to do what you want (light switch turns on, turn on outlet, light switch turns off turn off outlet)

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Will the outlets controlled by the light switch be as well as, or instead of, an existing bulb? Only ‘no neutral’ switches rely on a trickle of current through the load (the light bulb and/or a bypass) to complete the circuit.

@nathancu - Thank you for your input. I did some testing last night in the smartthings app with some existing smart switches and plugs I have installed in the house. I was indeed able to have one of the smart switches control single/multiple smart plugs.

I went ahead and ordered the Innovelli dimmer switch. It says no neutral wire required and it can hook directly up to the smartthings hub. Hopefully it will work.

@orangebucket - The light switch is controlling a ceiling fan. It’s not connected to the outlets in anyway. If that’s what you mean. All other switches in the house have a neutral wire. This switch is in a bonus room which was unfinished when I bought the house. I wish a neutral wire was run before the room was finished, but it’s now a thing of the past.

So in the end, it looks like my question is what’s the best smart switch out there that doesn’t require a neutral wire. From @nathancu recommendation and my research, it looks like the Innovelli product is the winner. If anyone has experience with another product please let me know.

These switches a awesome!

Just be sure if you’re controlling a fan use a switch not a dimmer. You CAN NOT use a dimmer on an inductive motor load - it can cause a fire.

Any switch is fine if you just want on/off. But if you want a speed control youll need a fan controller (which is difficult given your no neutral scenario)

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@rontalley - Awesome! I look forward to trying it out.

@nathancu - The switch is only controlling the lights on the fan. The fan itself can only be controlled via the pull string on the fan.

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