Lutron Caseta Dimmers "bounce"

I have a 3 gang box. All of the circuits are off of the same breaker.

On the left is a caseta dimmer that controls main lights, which are br30 LED and this circuit also has a standard dumb switch, non-dimming which is capped. In the middle is a dumb dimmer that controls table light. On the right is a caseta dimmer that controls island light, no other switch.

When using the pico remotes, dimmers and Lutron app, all is well. No issue. When using the ST integration, the dimming or state change is sometimes ignored or usually “bounces” up or down and then back to the previous state. If I hit the scene a few times it finally sticks. Again, the Lutron app works fine, so I don’t see it as a distance thing.

The lutron app is flawless, which is why I am confused by this behavior as the integration is bridge to bridge, right?(via cloud) there must be a difference in how the smartbridge manages the lights based on the messages from the st hub? I noticed that the rate of change is much slower via the Lutron app.