Caséta Wireless dimmers - Pairing Advice

I just had an electrician install 2 Caséta Wireless dimmers in my house. When trying to pair it as a THING in my ST app, i was surprised to not see that happen automatically. I did see it manually so when I clicked that, it asked me for a login. That’s where my problems started. Of course, I went to the Lutron site and registered but that login didn’t work with my ST app. Now I see that there is a Caséta Wireless app to download, which I’ve done but not opened yet.

Before I do… Is this a similar thing as we see with Hue Lights that if we pair them to ST first, we screw it up (and are really supposed to pair with native app first)?

Well dang, do I need a Lutron bridge to pair (use) with ST?

Yes, it’s a cloud to cloud integration. You must have a Lutron SmartBridge for the integration. The SmartThings hub does not have a radio on the Lutron frequency so it can’t communicate directly with the switches.

One smartbridge can control up to 50 Lutron Caseta devices.

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Thanks for confirming this JDR. Ordered.

Not that anyone cares :slight_smile: but I got this working. I wasn’t crazy about buying another bridge but this seems to work very well, it’s fast and works easily with ActionTiles. I am a “Platform guy” so basically my lights are Hue, switches are Caseta, and motion will be Iris. ST still the center of the universe.

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