ST Controlling Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer (Wink, IFFTT)?

I’m new to ST, coming from Wink, which I still have in operation. I have a few Lutron Caseta lamp dimmers with the Pico remote installed as an in-wall switch. I really like the functionality of this and am curious if I can leverage my Wink Hub via SmartThings in some way. What are my options to control these lights?

If there is no option, is there another alternative lamp dimmer out there with a wall switch? I’ve looked and don’t seem to be able to find anything.

Really wish ST would add Lutron suppport!

See the community-created wiki:

The short answer is that if you get the Lutron SmartBridge you can then activate the IFTTT channel that goes with it and get some indirect integration that way. All your Lutron switches will still work, and you can put things on the schedule, but there is some additional lag. This is usually most noticeable when you’re mixing devices on a trigger, such as using a smart things-controlled motion sensor to trigger a Lutron-controlled light. Also there’s no way to get the status of the lutron lights for the smartthings system.

If you are asking if there are other dimmer switches that work with SmartThings, there are several on the official “works with smartthings list,” mostly zigbee or Z wave. However, unlike the Lutron switches, these almost all require a neutral wire at the switch, so that’s just something to be aware of.

If your particular household can accept the lag, I’d keep the Lutron switches you already have and use IFTTT.

There is this:

A project to use a rooted Wink hub to interface ST to Caseta/Pico switches. Rooting the Wink Hub is no easy feat and I’ve stalled there. But I keep an eye on the thread looking for a breakthrough.