Lutron Aurora dimmer for Hue lights (Z3-1BRL)

My experience says “no.” :slight_smile: (And not sure if you saw this, but despite the fact that DTH mentinons “Aurora,” that is the name of a company who makes a different product that this DTH was apparently written to include.)

With the stock DTHs, it joins as a Thing (so no fingerprint matches). I haven’t tried on ST, but on Hubitat it’s similar, and I’m able to get it to work with a custom driver (DTH in ST land) that I threw together. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t seem to work like I’d want, which ideally would be something like a button/scene device that sends different events for left and right turns or perhaps and event when a turn starts and a turn stops or different events for different turn speeds. Instead, it seems to remember a built-in level from 0-254, then turning the knob continually sends that level back to the hub. Pressing the button also sends an event. That’s the most usable part of the device; the other seems like it might be workable if you “bind” it to a real dimmer, though maybe it’s possible to send a command to the device to set its level should you adjust the device instead of the dimmer (I don’t know enough about Zigbee to know if this works). As-is, I think it’s a little odd. A Zigbee expert will undoubtedly create a better driver/DTH, however, so I’m sure the device is capable of working a little better with someone who knows what they’re doing. :slight_smile:

They can also be paired directly to bulbs. The manual, unsurprisingly, only mentions pairing directly to a bulb or pairing to a Hue network that contains a Hue Bridge. Since ZLL is supposed to fall back to ZHA, I’m assuming that’s why this still pairs to ST and Hubitat, so hopefully it can be made to work in some capacity.

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This device is not itself a zigbee dimmer. It’s a controller, which is going to send commands to a zigbee dimmer.

Technically it’s a zigbee 3.0 “Non-Color Controller.”

It’s most similar to the IKEA Tradfri puck, Which does have an official integration, so you might start by looking at that DTH. But the mechanics are different because the Lutron device has a press which the IKEA does not, so there would definitely be customization required.

@prjct92eh2 , as @BertABCD1234 indicated the “Aurora“ in the zigbee dimmer DTH is referring to a UK company and their “Aurora AOne” dimmer switch. Not the US-based Lutron “Aurora Always Ready Dimmer,” which is, as noted, not actually a dimmer at all as far a zigbee is concerned, but rather a controller. :sunglasses:

yeah, i’m aware of the Aurora brand vs Aurora model by Lutron. As you pointed out, I thought it would be similar to the Ikea dimmer puck. That DTH (zigbee battery accessory dimmer) uses a lot of device-specific code for the Centralite and Ikea remote that it supports, but it may be good as a starting point. It supports the same capabilities as a dimmer switch, so something like Smart Lights mirroring would need to be used to control a bulb through SmartThings.

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Yep, this is the weirdest part to me. It would be so much more flexible on ST/Hubitat if it were a regular button controller device, but instead it insists on behaving like a dimmer and “remembering” its level (0-254) and sending that to the hub based on turns, so “mirroring” with Smart Lights would be the best way to keep that in sync with the “real” device and make it usable. (In this regard, the device itself does act like a dimmer, despite the fact that it is not really one in that it does not directly control a load.)

I guess this (on a ZLL network, at least) is more or less how it was intended to be used, so it’s not too surprising, but it would definitely be more flexible if it acted like a regular button device (e.g., like the Hue Dimmer).


Anyone bit the bullet on one of these? Really wanting one (three) but not wanting to be the Guinea pig.

If not, what are you guys using that’s similar? Covers a switch? The only similar thing I can find is the GoControl which isn’t exactly attractive.

There are two different device classes for devices which cover an existing switch.

One group physically moves the dumb switch underneath. So those are good for making a dumb switch smart. But not good for using with smart bulbs. These include the zigbee 3rd reality and the zwave Ecolink models. ( and the switchmate, but that one doesn’t have a SmartThings integration)

The other group leaves the dumb switch underneath fixed in place, typically on power, and then itself sends messages to the hub or to smart bulbs. These are great for use with smart bulbs. This includes both the Lutron Aurora which this thread is about, the very popular Sylvania dimmer, and the now inexpensive go link zwave device.

These are all listed in the buttons FAQ. Note that the FAQ is intended to only be one post so for each device, with a link to discussion threads. So if you have any follow on questions, please do not put them in the FAQ, instead put them in the individual device’s discussion thread. Or if you need to, start your own thread for a discussion of various smart switch covers. :sunglasses:

So depends on what you were looking for.

So is that a no on the DTH?

I’m just using mine with the hue bridge, and I’m very happy with it. I’ve ordered another one for a different room. But I’m using it as a parallel means of control for some other devices on the same hue bridge, I don’t need smartthings in the picture. :sunglasses:

Pure sengled, unfortunately. The GoControls are working but these lutrons are much easier on the eyes.

A question came up in another thread is if you can use these in a double gang next to an existing switch. That’s exactly how we have ours set up and it fits just fine. :sunglasses:

Apple Insider had some excellent pictures,

image image

Live in a new build. Living room fan has e12 bulbs. Got an adapter to convert to e26 but the damn bulbs stick out.

Long story short between my last post and this one my wife said it drives her crazy and to spend whatever I have to. So 4 e12 hue bulbs and a bridge were just ordered on Amazon. Unfortunately, these auroras are sold out.

Try Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Best Buy. These are selling fast everywhere, but everyone is also restocking frequently. :wink:


Amazon now says they will be back in stock August 4. Just keep checking if your preferred retailer is out of stock, these devices are selling fast, but also being re-ordered regularly. :sunglasses:

My housemate’s clueless girlfriend stayed over last night, and for the first time I didn’t have to get someone else to go in that room and turn on the dressing room switch after she had left the house. (that particular switch is not wheelchair accessible.)

Go, Lutron! :heart_eyes:

Thinking I may end up sending them back, sadly. The lamp shades aren’t very long. From what I read the hue e12s are basically the longest around - only about an inch shorter than my traditional e26s plugged into an adapter.

If it looks silly I may end up driving back to ikea to get their globe shaped e12s which, again unfortunately, don’t have white ambiance and are stuck at one temperature.

Very upset about the whole situation. This room began with me buying some GE switches and me learning that a 4 way is well beyond my electrical understanding. And I have less than a week of summer left before I’m back at school (work) so hiring an electrician is both fiscally silly as well as difficult to schedule.

Maybe one day I’ll finally get these dimmers.

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I have two of these now. One for the living room and one for the bedroom. They are really responsive with the Hue bridge. I’ve gotten one to pair with the Smartthings Hub but none of the default DTHs seem to work with it. It’s ok though because I only need it to control my Hue lights anyway.

Does it actually matter if SmartThings can see the switch? SmartThings can control each bulb or the bridge directly, what additional benefits do you get if it sees the switch as well?


It would allow me to control other devices with the switch such as those connected to a smart plug and would allow me to do more complicated automations.

If smartthings could see it, then you could use it to control smart bulbs which are not on hue bridge, like Cree or LIFX.

Ah that’s true, didn’t think about not having a bridge. Otherwise, you can run routines off the bulb’s state if the switch was incompatible with SmartThings.

If only there was a DTH for this in ST. Adding it to Hue doesn’t make it show up in ST either. And I really want this to work for my Hampton Bay ZB ceiling fan that everyone keeps turning off at the switch!!!

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