Lutron Aurora dimmer for Hue lights (Z3-1BRL)

There are two different device classes for devices which cover an existing switch.

One group physically moves the dumb switch underneath. So those are good for making a dumb switch smart. But not good for using with smart bulbs. These include the zigbee 3rd reality and the zwave Ecolink models. ( and the switchmate, but that one doesn’t have a SmartThings integration)

The other group leaves the dumb switch underneath fixed in place, typically on power, and then itself sends messages to the hub or to smart bulbs. These are great for use with smart bulbs. This includes both the Lutron Aurora which this thread is about, the very popular Sylvania dimmer, and the now inexpensive go link zwave device.

These are all listed in the buttons FAQ. Note that the FAQ is intended to only be one post so for each device, with a link to discussion threads. So if you have any follow on questions, please do not put them in the FAQ, instead put them in the individual device’s discussion thread. Or if you need to, start your own thread for a discussion of various smart switch covers. :sunglasses:

So depends on what you were looking for.