Lutron Aurora Dimmer $29.95 at Amazon (Hue bridge required)

Woo hoo! Lowest price ever for the smart switch cover from Lutron that works with the Hue bridge to give you an intuitive on the wall control for bulbs connected to that hue bridgE.

This fits over the existing light switch so you can leave the bulbs are always on power while still having on, off, and dim with the physical control.

No wiring required, This is a battery operated device which sits over the top of the existing switch. Works with rockers or toggles.

This will not be visible to smartthings, but works great as a parallel means of control. We have 5 in our house and really like them. They are perfect for guests, no explanations needed. :sunglasses:

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Has anyone tried connecting directly to SmartThings? In theory they should work in some form since they’re Zigbee 3.0.

Did you try it?

FYI. Some Home Depot stores have these on clearance possibly as low as $7.50. I found some near me couple weeks ago via brickseek for $10 each…