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Summersville WV store has 15% off, got an Iris contact sensor, GE toggle and add-on for $60 last week after free shipping and another 15% Renovo code. Shipped from a local store and I had it 2 days later. Wasn’t a smoking deal by any means but saved $20-25.

Anyone notice that there are a bunch of stores returning $NaN$ (not a number) instead of a price in the search results? It seems to occur when searching the entire list of stores (currently running 7 threads per search)

not seeing it on my end

I have seen those, but that doesn’t mean much. Those stores always have the item at full price

I don’t currently have any Nest devices, would I be able to buy just a Nest Protect and use it with ST?

I am yet to integrate the Nest Protects. Personally, I’d like to integrate them, but not very concerned if I can’t. But just reading through some of the posts, it seems just Nest Protects will work fine
Here’s the Nest Manager

and if you read post#201 below, it seems these will work

I have 7 protects and am using the nest integration 2.5 you listed. The smoke detectors show up as smoke detector devices in the app. My Smart Home Monitor now shows smoke detection as well as intrusion and leak (since I have leak detectors).

It appears for all intents and purposes to integrate just fine. I won’t probably know for sure till my house is on fire :wink:

Oh, if the above question regarding the neutral wire was about the Nest Protect then yes, it ONLY uses neutral and hot. My home was wired with an interconnect wire but they don’t use it.


Thanks for adding the links to DTH and app. I didn’t know that there was community integration to add my 6 protects to ST. Does this work for both HW & Battery protects? I’m assuming that it just connects through the Nest cloud so which protect model wouldn’t matter.

I just ordered 11 GE Z-Wave switches from 2 different Lowes in Summerville, WV and Sugar Land, TX. They showed up in the Deal Finder as 15% discount, but still had shipping available. I used the Renovo discount and ended up saving a total of $88 and only spent $250 on all the switches. The interesting thing is they are all being shipped from the Tilton, NH store about 40 minutes north of me.

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How did you get to $22/switch? What discount did you use? And how did you order them? In groups of 2?

I used the Lowes deal script and got the main dimmers for $32 and the add-ons for $17 from two separate stores. I used the $15 off Renovo coupon for both purchases.

Oh, add-ons, that explains it :wink:

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If anyone is interested in the Battery operated Nest Protect, you can Parcel ship from Portage MI store for $59. Use the Renovo coupon $15 off $50 to bring it down to $44. If you get a $6 filler, then you can avoid shipping charges
I am finally done with my Nest Protect shopping!!

The Portage MI store also has the …

LIFX White 800 60-Watt (60W Equivalent) 2700K A19 Medium Base (E-26) Dimmable Full Spectrum Indoor LED Bulb

for $19.99

I’m jealous I got all 8 of mine using my $20 off $200 coupons and buying them 2 at a time. The CO2 detectors where in the house when I bought it and Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers were all at least 5 years old, so it was time to replace them all anyways…

Damnit I missed out on this and what’s worse, I brought ONE wired Nest Protect and then immediately after they had changed the price back! I need six more wired ones and two battery ones.

Placed 2 orders both were canceled today

You could always buy the battery ones if they’re cheaper and once they come, take them to your local Lowes, say you bought the wrong ones and lost your receipt and just want to swap them for the wired units. The last time someone had these for $50 they were the wired units so I ordered two planning to do just that since I need battery units. The store screwed up and sent me the battery units anyway. :grin:

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Yeah the problem is the price seems to have been corrected for now so back to $99 for wired/wireless.

deals are definitely harder to come by lately. Anyone still searching? The window appears to be pretty short on anything that does pop up. Kwikset Kevo locks were 69$ earlier this week but it only seemed to be available for ~12 hours.