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I have a 6x12 and a 4x12 keen vent to trade. I need motion sensors and smart outlets or would love a nest cam etc. let me know what you have

not smart outlets oops. i have plenty of those. i could use another siren too or some other goodies

Anyone interested in Wemo insight? I have 5 available for trade

I have 6 econet vents if anyone interested in buying. I swapped them out for keen so no need for these anymore.

Do we need an official sponsor/mod to create a buy/sell/trade thread in Deals or can we just start one ourselves?

Check Prices is not working for me on FF. It is not even visible. anyone else still able to use it?

UPDATE: There is an update today.

It works just fine for me

Anyone still hunting for bargains? Any leads on non smart home stuff? Are lights and electrical really the only thing that gets clearances like this?

I just bought a bunch of black iron plumbing pipe that I use for furniture making. Saved about 70% including the Renovo coupons.


I can’t get the script to work. I installed TM, added the script, looks like it “sees” that I’m on Lowe’s site. Whitelisted lowes.com in AdBlock, but no green button on the page. Any ideas? This is on a work computer, so I had to install Chrome without admin rights…would that cause it to not display?

***edit - must have been the admin rights, I installed on my home computer and it’s working fine.

I am able to find some deals, but shipping is never an option. How are you finding/making shipping and option. I only have store pickup or truck delivery. The UPS, FEDEX, USPS option always indicates not available. Am I missing something.

That’s right, it is how it is at the moment, sounds like Lowe’s changed something, I cannot ship any anything anymore too.
No Keen vents, no SmartPlug or Door sensor… so sad!

From what I’ve gathered the process for a store marking an item on clearance is to remove the flag in their internal system to reclassify it as an in store price change vs a fulfillment center eligible price change. You can still see signs of this behavior for some devices where the prices are slightly lower than the majority of the other stores and still available for shipping (allowing us to order at the lower price). I suspect there was either an audit of the stores that had miss-configured pricing to remove those flags, or the inventory available that was marked bad was sold. I’m not sure what spawned the whole slew of super discounted items that we all enjoyed, and if we’ll see it again. Weeks before this latest run (see earlier in the thread) folks also believed that the party was over, so who knows if it will return. The recent contact sensor / keypad pricing was found after the majority of the switches/vents were resolved, so who knows.

Bet a real nicely worded memo was sent out to clarify this to store management. “Please click the “don’t ship” option when putting items on clearance. Unless you like living off Ramen of course. Thank you so much!”


I’d really like to have the searches automated so I can put a list of favorite items together and have it check daily for new pricing.

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Picked up a MyQ garage door controller for $22 and a few pairs of irwin pliers cpl days ago. I think we’ve drained them. I’m hoping once stock gets built back up ppl can find more deals.

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It seems like there was a period around 4 July where a few items slipped through. My theory is a couple of months ago corporate hired someone to regularly audit the inventory system and that person went on vacation for the 4th. … if so check back on Labor Day …

But the deals were live a week+ before the 4th.

Lowes is currently undergoing an “Inventory Revamp” I noticed several empty shelves in my local store and spoke with a manager. I asked if this was something new he said no they do it a cpl times a year. So maybe deals will start popping up again in a cpl of weeks.