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Lowes Iris Smart Plugs $23.30 until 12/5

5 QUICK TAPS of the button while plugged in and LED will flash a couple times, then done.

I have an " extra" outlet right next to ST hub. Any/all A/C plug in devices are included sitting there <1 foot from hub. ( There are days I consider cutting the end off an old extension cord for including wall switches & outlets by plugging them in there. ) Then moved to their permanent homes.

Just have a question about these outlets I bought. If I use the smartpower device type do they still act as zigbee repeater? If I am not using the zwave repeater function and I dont seem to have any zwave problems is there a reason I should be using zwave repeater?

Yes to the first. If you have no issues with zwave, don’t bother with these, they are hokey to begin with.

Anyone know if these are just the new version of the one y’all are discussing above?:

They are labeled the same but look quite different. Still half the price of the ST model, locally anyway…

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the 3210’s… But does anyone know if the ones I linked are similar?

I believe I read here somewhere that these don’t work with SmartThings.

I believe the one you listed was the older 110V version that’s probably no longer in-store, even though it’s listed on the website.

The one linked by the OP is the newer 120V version with built-in energy consumption monitoring. It’s almost a steal if/when you catch it around $20.

Does this one work with ST? Iris 120-Volt White Smart Plug (Works with Alexa)
Item # 797379 Model # IRIS-WSP1PA-LW

Nope, that’s a wifi device, and not aware of any integration at this point. This one works tho.

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Thanks, I figured that was the answer.

Is there any way to make these work with Smartthings:

I guess they do not work they are a WiFi only device.

Hi @tons_of_guns, that link is for a different kind of smart plug from Iris.

does anyone have a receipt that shows the 3210-L for about 25 bucks?

That sale as been over for awhile. If you can find a $15 off $50 coupon and buy two they come out to $27.49 each.

Yeah I know it been over for a while but I am willing to try to get them to price match it.

I don’t think they are not going to pricematch an old sale.

Set your store to Sevierville, TN 37876 as they show 5 in stock with shipping available for $23.30 each.
Buy 3 with $15 off coupon and they come out to $18.30 each.
Don’t wait as someone else on here will pick them up I’m sure haha.
Even without a $15 off coupon they are a good deal at $23.30 each.

Boom Thanks! I am sure I can get the store to price match

Most Lowes will not price match each other. I’ve tried and no go but others have tried and were successful. It really depends on who you talk to so YMMV.

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bought to ship them, going to store soon to return these wifi only ones. Will post up later