Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)


You can use the stock smart sense open close dth. They will then run local.
When you are resetting it make sure that when you put the battery back in that the magnet is not close to it.

Resetting these sensors while in a closed status (next to the battery) resets them into demo mode… That’s what all of the pretty colors mean.

Also, it’s a good idea that when you install zigbee devices into their final location that you turn off the hub. Batteries out, for at least 20 minutes. This causes a rebuilding of the zigbee mesh.

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Pretty sure your experience was a mixture of platform issues and power outtage.

Also, I’m not sure about your particular setup, but I was sure I had sufficient zigbee network coverage, until I bought a Iris repeater. This cleared up the sporadic issues I had…which sound familiar to your experience.


Ok that’s great info on rebuilding zigbee network. I had no idea about that. Also, now I know about the demo mode! In regards to zigbee repeaters, I have 2 cree led bulbs and a keen smart bridge connected and I’m assuming they are repeating zigbee for me. Noob question, but can we see what the heck is being repeated through the api? I’m just assuming I have proper coverage.


There are several helpful threads on zigbee mesh here on the forum…that would be the best advice I can give :slight_smile: It can get complicated.

The skinny on it is you cannot see Zigbee mesh through the (I believe you meant?) IDE. Also, I think due to the nature of Zigbee, bulbs may only repeat commands for other bulbs. That likely depends on the bulb manufacturer. I am not sure about the Keen bridge.

Hope this helps…bet it’s a Zigbee network opportunity; )

I can’t seem to find the iris zigbee repeater, do you have a link or any info on it? I’m having more refreshing issues with these iris contact sensors. Sometimes they get stuck open.


Great, Thank you very much! Didn’t think about the outlet being a zigbee repeater.

My contact sensors sometimes just become deserted, I don’t know why but I’ll notice that one of my sensors will say closed when I know it isn’t, for example… and I’ll go around and find that a couple of them have stopped reporting, to which I can only fix by going to each sensor, opening it, pulling out the battery and putting it back in with the reset button pressed, then closing it again.

I’d love it if smartthings told me when these sensors stopped reporting, but I know that’s not how smartthings is designed. Still, has anybody written a smartapp for alerting the user when sensors haven’t checked in in awhile? It’s certainly a big hole in the security…

Yes there are a few. Simple device viewer is the only one that comes to mind at the moment.

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Has anyone experienced an issue with the motion sensor constantly detecting motion? I just had a motion sensor kill a battery in less than 24 hours. When I checked the history the sensor was reporting motion every minute for about 12 hours. The temperature being reported by the device actually went up 5 degrees during this time as well (no change to house temp). I reset the device and put in a new battery and it seems fine now. Also the motion sensor is less than 12 feet from the hub with no obstructions.

Is there anything else I should be looking for? I did purchase the motion sensor from Amazon and it was not purchased directly from Lowe’s. Is that a possible issue??

I have not had this issue with the Iris motion sensor or any others. I believe others have reported this issue with other zigbee motion sensors (SmartThings, …). If it is working now you should be good. I purchased 5 from amazon recently when they were cheap and the two I have installed are fine. It shouldn’t matter where you get them from. Sometimes stuff just doesn’t work. Amazon has a good return policy which will cost you nothing if you want to return outright or get a replacement.

Thanks for the information! I am still relatively new to this home automation stuff so I am kind of ignorant of this sort of thing.

I had one that fell from it’s temporary perch. I put it back. Little later I noticed it wasn’t detecting motion. When I grabbed it it was VERY hot. I pulled the battery and it was swelling up and blistering.

So for whatever reason something got stuck on or shorted out. I replaced the battery and it has worked fine since. Kinda odd.

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I started getting nervous returning stuff to Amazon after I read an article that they were banning customers for excessive returns. I imagine we all have a “profitability index” of some kind in Amazon’s system, and if we drop below a certain margin, we’re done.

But surely that’s got to be extremely rare… right?

I doubt that story was really true, or it was at least a mistake. If they really start banning people for returns, then I would stop shopping there.

I am an honest returner. If it’s broke, I tell them that and pay nothing to return. If I made a mistake or something, I pay the return shipping.


I got 2 of the Lowe’s Iris contact sensors this weekend, deployed the custom handler and it worked great! Paired perfectly, worked perfectly, got them on sale. Love it! Used them on windows.

Heads-up. The contact sensors are on sale until tomorrow (11/16/16). $17.99

They are on sale online only but you can pay online and pick up in store. Also, this site can generate a $15 off coupon if you buy more than $50 worth: http://lowes-code.duckdns.org/

I bought a few of these and installed theme on the 13th. Today 5 days later, they show 88% battery, is this unusual?

Yeah, they aren’t real accurate either, just like the ST ones. But I’ve had ones stay at 100% for a day then drop to 88% for months.

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