Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

Yes. Also if you use it often or temperature changes and report often it will suck more energy.

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@plantucha I appreciate your help on this but I’m still having trouble. It’s still reporting in constantly. I’m using mitchpond: iris open/close sensor.

The settings I’m using aren’t working and the battery is down to 66%. I understand the minimum report times, but it’s still reporting way too often.

I think it would be best to have it report once every 6 hours giving me current temp and battery.

I’m not sure what I’m sound wrong with what you posted before. I set out up to report at a minimum every hour, but as you can see… It said no.

Doesn’t work for me either. Maybe we have to remove device and add it with new device type.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m going to remove the sensor, rest it, and repair it with the modified code.

I am using an iris sensor in my freezer and iris battery is at 66%. It’s been in there about a week and a half. That freezer is opened maybe once a day. But it’s sending temp updates constantly.

I also have them on a couple of doors. The back door is used about 50 times a day. And the garage door about the same. (Family of 8 with 4 cats and a dog).

I have a GoControl sensor on my front door and laundry room door. Those two are the busiest doors and they are still reporting a full charge.

I’m going to pull the battery on one and fluke it to see where it really is. Not sure if the batteries are the same as the iris, but if they are I’m going to swap them and see if the reporting changes.

I’m thinking about just using the GoControl sensors, even though they are more expensive.

Plus, these sensors run local! ! ! ! !

Ok, I excluded and reset the sensor. I repaired it and it was found and identified automatically using the mitchpond code.

I’m going to give it a couple of hours and see what the reporting does.

I’ll post screenshots here…

@JDRoberts, will you start a new thread “iris contact sensors in the freezer/fridge” and move this over?
I’m not sure how to do that just yet. If you don’t have time please send me the directions on hire and I’ll take care of it, thanks :smile:

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Anybody can create a new linked topic: here’s one for you. :sunglasses:

The goControl or the lowes ones??

the gocontrol sensors are running local for me.

The Iris sensors were, but have stopped here recently

What local activities were they working in?

The Iris Care Pendant came in on Friday and I had some time to play around with it. I created a separate topic over here:


I had them turning on/off lights via the smart lighting app.

They were working, and poof they were gone.

I just posted a device type for the Smart Fob:

Let me know if there are any issues!


I saw, I will try it tonight after the kid goes to sleep. Thank you!

Hi. Somewhat of a new user here. Bought a couple of the new iris motion sensors but could not get the temperature to update automatically. I have to refresh all the time to get a new reading. The contact sensors update themselves though. Any help? Thanks

My motion sensors update automatically every hour, if and only if there has been a temp change. I am using the SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor. You might try excluding and then including the sensor again.

I’m having the same issue.

@mitchp have you been able to look into this problem? I know last time it was brough up you didn’t have a motion detector to be able to test it out.

I haven’t picked up one of the motion sensors yet. This is almost certainly a case of a configuration command being missed during join, assuming the sensor isn’t faulty. There’s nothing odd in the logs?

nothing odd, it just only updated the temp when you hit refresh.

Okay… I give up. I need help.
I just got back (and by just - I mean three hours ago) from lowes. Where I bought the following:

2x http://www.lowes.com/pd_690405-41277-3450-L_1z0vihb__?productId=999925322&pl=1&Ntt=iris
2x http://www.lowes.com/pd_505521-347-ZCOMBO_1z0vihb__?productId=4780109&pl=1&Ntt=iris

And now I feel like the biggest goofball of all time. The two Z-Wave smoke alarms paired fine.

I cannot get any of the ZigBee stuff to connect. I’ve tried a motion sensor, key fob, and contact sensor. All of witch just give me a blinking blue light and never show up when I click + Connect New Device for my v1 hub. Motion does give the occasional green blinking light.

I’ve added the keyfob and motion device types mentioned above.