Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

So, can anyone provide insight as to why my contact sensor isnt providing motion feedback in the app? Ive removed it 3 times and re added it, making the appropriate changes on the API webpage.

Motion??? Contact sensor

Question about the IRIS contact sensors…

If I make a routine in which opening a door with one of these sensors installed on it will turn on/off the lights in that room, will it be a locally run smart app?

I do know that the GoControl sensors that come in the kit (2 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor) do run as local apps.

I’m thinking of using the IRIS sensors, but the GoControls work great. I want to keep all of the same sensors.

Does anyone know if the new Iris “smart button” will work with SmartThings? My wife is not really a fan of ST and controlling things via the iPhone app. Having a button on her side of the bed that she could push to turn out the bedroom lights may save me from debating about who is going to turn out the lights or complaining that she has to do it on her phone. :wink:

If you assign the smartthings open/close sensor devicetype and use smart lighting then it should work locally, not sure if you use the custom devicetype though.

We don’t know yet, but meantime check these out:

( The iris button will be added to that list after community members confirm that it works with SmartThings. )

Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it!

Ok, I’m on my way to Lowe’s… I’ll experiment tonight and post here what I find out.

Anyone having issues pairing the motion sensors since the platform update?
What paired two days ago and bound to the custom device type, now just spins into a thing, worse replacing the smartDevice for the “thing” doesn’t fix it…

Yes. It senses the motion of the contacts being separated, right?

For whatever reason, my app never shows that the sensor opens

I picked up an Iris Motion Sensor today for my freezer. I added it to Smart things just fine, following the instructions given in this thread. It initially gave a temp reading of 69F, and the same temp hours later even after being in the freezer all that time. Then I deleted it, reset and re-added it. Now it won’t even give a temp. No listed events in the api.

Hi @Mike_Maxwell, I just added an Iris motion sensor late last night after the platform update. The process I went through was:

After it identified it and sat and spun (like you), I backed out and went back to connect to see unconfigured devices. I added it to a Room, and then into the IDE to change the device type to the SmartSense Motion Sensor. Went back to Connect New Device and pulled battery, pressed in the button, inserted the battery, it joined, config sent, and everything started to work. What a pita…

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Yea, last week they paired right up… NO BS

Was that done in between all the app crashes you get… :wink: Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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A number of people are having various totally random device type problems since the update. (Including me). The thread starts out talking about how great it was to have pre-notification, and then all the poltergeist reports start trickling in. :ghost::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin:


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Just a guess, but the device blows up during enrollResponse, it never completes:
groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Ambiguous method overloading for method java.math.BigInteger#.
Cannot resolve which method to invoke for [null, class java.lang.Integer] due to overlapping prototypes between:
[class [I, int]
[class [B, int]
[class java.lang.String, int] @ line 309

If that’s not a platform issue, don’t what is…

This worked for me. Thanks, John!

That no workie for me, tried it three times, that’s when I started looking at the logs…

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Here is what I’ve found out with just a few minutes of playing with the Iris contact sensor.

Using the SmartSense Multi Sensor device type the app looks like this:

This is how the app looks using the SmartSense Open/Close Sensor:

Not a whole lot of difference in the app.

The performance with either device type is outstanding. I set up a Smart Lighting instance to turn on/off a light with the open/close of the sensor. The light would change states faster than the app would update. Literally almost no delay. A 1/4 of a second at the most.

Locally run app
Honestly I do not know if this is running locally. I looked in the API and it is not showing up there as a locally installed app. I am not sure if it takes a while to update the listing or what. But currently it is not showing up there.

I replaced the sensor in a locally run app (shows on the list) with the Iris contact sensor. Refreshed the page and the app was gone. Replaced with the original sensor, refreshed, and it was right back on the list. So, even though the SmartSense device type is in the list it is not running as a local app. Not sure why not…

I setup an Iris motion sensor in my garage today. My use is to turn on LED shop lights when i walk in the garage. The lights power off shortly after motion is no longer detected. I initially had a Aeotec Gen 5 multi sensor 6, but found low light performance to be lacking. I had to be on top of the device before it triggered, so it was hung above the doorway. I placed the Iris sensor in the center of my garage, on top of my opener. I can open the door and not even set foot in the garage and it triggers. HUGE improvement over what I had. Half the cost and improved performance!