Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

Thanks for the offer @Mike_Maxwell. Just got home with a couple motion and contact sensors. I’m going to try and see how well the contact sensor works in a freezer. I already use a couple Smartsense Multi’s in refrigerators, so I’m curious how these will work.

Mike to the Rescue! Thanks a tonnage!

I’ve been to 2 different stores here in the STL area and have yet to find any of the new items. Really just looking for the button.

@Tyler what devices will be integrated? :smile: I hope all of them but im very optimistic

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Hi all,

Just wanted to let folks know that the contact sensor works from inside my frig and inside my freezer. I’m just now waiting for them to get to temp before determining any offset I may need to use.



I have been trying to add the code to my app, but am getting an error

No signature of method: script1444527580979232747819.metadata() is
applicable for argument types:
(script1444527580979232747819$_run_closure1) values:
Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(),
setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

I am following the instructions here - FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Mitch has his own thread discussing that code, so probably better to take your questions to that.

Notice that you need two separate pieces of code from Mitch. One is a device type and the other is a smartapp. The FAQ you linked to has two sections, one for installing each of these types of code. It looks like you may perhaps have tried to install a device type as a smartapp or vice verse?

Anyway, just something to look at, but we should continue the conversation in the other topic. I’m sure someone there will be able to help you. :sunglasses:

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That as it!! Added as an app and not a device. First time user error. It works perfect now!!

Thank you Mitch

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Glad to report that I don’t really need any offset with these open/close contact sensors. My freezer is at 0, and the device seems to be reporting anywhere from 0 to 2 degrees. At that temp, I’m good and the variation is more than acceptable.

Lowe’s removed this page from their site. The kit must not be ready yet? The one with the smart button.

i scored 4 contact sensors today at the Lowe’s in Concord CA for $15 each. I was there last night, and they only had the old model out. I went back this AM and found 4 contact sensors and 4 motion detectors. I only need 18 more to cover all the doors and windows in my house :frowning:

Hmmm… Hacking the Iris motion…
Testing these out as barrier sensors.

Mounted for initial testing…

Initial testing is very good, these act very much like laser barrier sensors. The detection cone is an inch or less at 3-4’ from the sensor.
I’m going to burry these behind switch plates (with a hole drilled for the tube) to detect movement through areas, like doorways, halls and the like.
The goal is to get past the pet detection problem.

Here’s your parts list for the above…
Heat shrink, and a tube.
I used these as I had them laying around, but the ferule end is nice as it prevents the tube from slipping out of the shrink.

I’ll report on the effectiveness of this over the next few days as I test this out.

2015-10-13 I think the tube I used has too small of an ID. I’m getting about 75% - 85% trigger success with the tube shown in a casual “walk by” the device. So off we go today to get some bigger tubing.

2015-10-15. So I replaced the tube shown above with a 3/8" OD by 1" tube, now I get 100% success on triggering. The detection zone is quite a bit larger, maybe 8-12 inches now. I have two of these, one at each end of my second floor stairway, tucked under the handrail. The cat walks under them people walk through them. I’m considering this as a success for use as threshold trigger.


Very creative…post back how it works for you.

I solved this issue by using white Sugru molded to catch just the right places. It has a long cure time so one is able to make some tweaks to get the field of view just right. Because it cures into a smooth white, it looks pretty intentional and a bit less. Hacky. :slight_smile:

@codytruscott, I would never mount these like I’ve pictured, this is a POC. They will all be hidden behind device plates, with just a small hole for the tube exposed.

battery changing too difficult?

Most if not all will be within switch plates that house aeon micros. These have built in 3v power supplies available. So no batteries to worry about. :open_mouth:


very well. Can you please link aeon micros?

Picked up 2 motion sensors for $18 at a Lowes in Vegas (They priced matched it to the ones on clearance)

Set them up, in the IDE as SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor. I’m not receiving anything from them, no motion, no temp data.

Nothing in logging either.