Iris compatibility with ST hub

Hey guys. My wife and I are making a trip to KC today to go to Ikea. Wondering if these iris devices are compatible with ST? I’ve noticed my Lowe’s has osram stuff and as I have cleaned them out they aren’t restocking. I’ve noticed other Lowe’s have huge iris displays. I am assuming Lowe’s has decided to use them as there default product. Going to stop in a few Lowe’s today and wanted to check that those products are compatible with ST hub?

Hi @chowder007, the short answer is yes for their Gen 2 stuff, and no for Gen 1 stuff.

Have you searched the community yet? There are tons of discussions on the Iris stuff.

How do you identify gen2 vs gen1?

Gen 2 stuff are in the purple boxes. Many things in the Iris section in the store also work, like the smoke detectors. Catch up on the other discussions on what other devices also work.