Lowes Iris contact sensor Battery life

I have 6 or 7 of the Iris motions, been installed for months still over 77%.

May want to try a full factory reset on it.

The reset did not work for me. New battery is at 66% after 2 hours and the light was blinking all different colors again a few minutes ago.

Return it. Sounds like there was some bad ones that got out.

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It was definitely faulty. I decided to buy a new Iris since they’re cheaper than the SmartThings sensors. This new one is still at 100% after a few days. Now I’ll use my new receipt to return the faulty one.

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I returned my bad one and got another one, it’s been working fine. That was the only bad one out of the 10-ish that I’ve bought.

I put in about 20+ of the Iris Contact Sensors when they went on web sale a few months back. (I have a lot of windows) One went all disco color blinky on me. I took the battery out, waited a while and put it back in - and after that it worked fine.

Another one died unexpectedly on me last week. I think it must’ve done the same thing. Bought a new battery, put it in and it went “crazy lights” on me - so I’m assuming it did the same thing. So I took the battery out, waited a bit - and got things back to normal.

I’m keeping my eye on these two. I think the rapid blinking is basically the sensor going haywire and draining the battery. If they keep it up, I’ll just return them to Lowes for replacement. The other 18 have given me zero problems - so I’m not sure if it’s hardware or firmware or what.

Sorry to revive and old thread but figured it’s better than starting a new one. I’ve had my Iris contact sensor for about 2 weeks and I’m now at 76%. It was at 89% for about 5 days before dropping down to 76%. Is that normal for you guys using the stock DHT? I’ve noticed the sensor shows up in the event/activity log about every 30m - 1h. It seems to depend on temperature changes. Based on what I read here, it should stay at 76% for a while.

It’s hard to believe the box says the battery will last up to 2 years. I had one die after about six months, others however, are still going strong so this is definitely YMMV. I haven’t looked into it yet, but maybe how often it reports the temperature may have caused it’s premature death. I put it on an garage side door that is hardy used so I was wondering its location might also have something to do with. The temperature fluctuated wildly there during the day and night. I put a Z-Wave contact sensor without a temperature sensor in it’s placed and relocated the Iris contact sensor. We’ll see how long it will last this time.

Its fairly normal. It reports at certain intervals and not every percent.

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Has anyone tried soldering a 3V wall wart to the battery contacts? I want to install one of these in my garage to detect if I left my garage door open, but with winter weather I don’t expect a battery to last very long.

Has anyone ever experienced double or even triple notifications with this sensor? Inexplicably, in the logs I see open-close-open-close the majority of times when the door is opened and closed just once. Thanks.

I have seen something similar when the magnet was not aligned perfectly. The Iris sensors can be touchy. It would be an easy test, get a magnet and “manually” close/open the door and check the logs.

If it is something that just started try a battery pull.

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick. I did some testing with the sensors off the door and everything functioned fine when pulling the sensors apart and reconnecting.

I re-installed the sensors closer to each other on the door and it seems to work fine unless someone is very very slowly opening the door. Then it doubles/triples. Unfortunate that they have to be so close because the door is very close to clipping the sensor when closing.

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I have this issue on the cat door in my laundry room door and the kitchen pantry doors. The former, swings open/closed so I get two or three triggers depending on the cat’s gusto when going through. The latter is because the door bounces a bit when the kids close it, they aren’t exactly soft about it. I’ve had to make adjustments to CoRE to take this into account, basically wait before x of a second or two, with NO cancel on piston/state change.

Ah a delay! That sounds smart. Can you expand on how I would implement that in my piston?

For that piston, add a wait after the CASE ‘closed’:, so it delay’s sending the Push. It may still send one per open/close cycle unless you do a cancel on condition change. I think that’s how I did it, but I don’t use switch blocks.

I want to know the answer for this as well. I installed one on my cold storage where temperature is about 32F and in about one week battery level is at 3% while all others are around 77%. I want to find an alternative as I want to have more devices on cold locations. I was expecting it to last a couple months at least on the cold weather. What is the required voltage and amps it’s required?

I have two iris contact sensors that decided to stop responding today. I’ve had them working fine for almost a year now. One of them I’m getting all different rainbow colors. I reset it, popped the battery out, but it’s still going crazy with colors. Any suggestions?

I have a few of those and they want to be ‘closed’ (magnet in the proximity) when the battery is being inserted.

Actually, when you get the flashing color lights, it puts the contact into a demo mode. It will still work but those flashing lights will chew through batteries fast. This happens when you reset it when it is in the closed position, try resetting with the magnet away from the main unit for normal operations.