Loudest siren

Title says it all…

Is one louder than the other? I want one that is unbearable to any would-be intruder.

Thanks everyone

“Unbearable” is likely to be illegal. Check your town’s siren regulations. Usually you’re limited to around 115 db, although some jurisdictions will let you go to 120 db for something like 3 seconds. But check.

Remember, whatever you pick, you’re going to have to test occasionally and it may sometimes misfire. :wink:

A siren deters intruders not because it is so loud that their ears bleed, but because it’s an indicator that they’ve been detected and that someone, somewhere is either coming with a shotgun or on the phone with the police.

But compare db levels. Anything 110 or above will likely be near the top of the legal range for most residential alarms.

The Fortrezz is loud and a number of forum members have it, hopefully they’ll add more.



@Katch typically the othe halfr has the best instinct. If it can annoy him or her, it is good enough!

Unfortunately, the Fortrezz is not that loud. I have a Fortrezz, and with the doors/windows closed in the winter, you can barely hear it outside my house (as I learned during a misfire). I want to get the neighbors attention. I (and I’m sure many others here) would rather get a ticket for a loud siren than lose $1,000’s in personal belongings or have a family member harmed.

If there aren’t any louder sirens; are there any z-wave outdoor sirens that I can mount in conjunction with my indoor siren?

You’re going to get more than a ticket when the neighbors sue you for making them slip in the shower or drop the baby or have a heart attack because you had an illegally loud siren.

The solution (monitored alarm systems) exist, so now you’re breaking the law just to save yourself some money. Neither juries nor judges will be sympathetic to your argument.

Also, in many US jurisdictions, the first offense is a ticket, the second one results in your being charged for “police services” ( can be thousands) plus confiscation of the alarm device. Check your local ordinances.