Lost the ability to edit titles

Some time ago I was given some badge that said I was enough of a community member I could edit the titles of posts. I’ve only used this for good.

Just now I went to update a title and no longer see any to edit it. Was this intentional?

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did you maintain status? I know if you stop posting a certain amount, Discord drops you off different tiers based on participation. It might put you back to a lower level where you’re unable to edit titles.

… or a community member complained enough times about the function, and it was removed from everyone.


I still have it, so i’m guessing it is the former

I lost it too.

It’s a shame that a top Community contributor can lose their “regular” status level after just a few quiet weeks.


Makes sense. I can live without being special.

Oh. Interesting. Running to the lounge now to talk smack about you!!


Yeah, lost access to that, too.

Dang guys. You have to step up your game. Stop losing status to the Lounge, where the topics are generally about " I’m on the lounge. …now what?" Like most forums.

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