Private Lounge Area?

(Eric) #1

I earned the “Regular” badge back in Sept, however I no longer have it or access to the lounge area.

Does this go away naturally? Is this a mistake? Or am I being punished for having reasonable expectations of SmartThings?

@slagle @Tyler

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

You have to maintain the criteria over time or you get demoted… lol

(Bobby) #3

Don’t think is that…I lost my regular status too…and I don’t think I didn’t maintain it. I think it was a glitch or a different reason…

(Eric) #4

I was going to post a question to @bamarayne about his toilet there and it was gone.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

This is the requirement… start giving some likes y’all!

(Morgan) #6

I don’t really get it, I do understand that people who are on here a lot and reply etc. should get some type of benefit, but if they don’t have time for a month or so they still have valuable information.

There are several users who post something, and I read it differently because I have seen the thought, effort and time they have put into different answers, projects or parts of the entire ST environment.

This should be controlled by something else because these random “likes”, posts etc. Just my 2 cents…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #7

Yeah, I agree… it would be nice if it was something other than how many likes you receive and how many you give.

(Bobby) #8

The only major benefit of regulars, is that they can help the moderators maintain clear titles of the posts (overwrite originals) and add tags. Other than that, there isn’t an advantage of being ‘regular’. With this is mind, I’d be glad to donate my likes, my visits, etc to our master @JDRoberts. If he is taking a break longer than two weeks, we would not find anything on this forum. He must be granted the distinction of regular in chief, never to be revoked. Imo…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #9

I completely agree!

we should start a movement!

oooh, I know… A whole new thread…

“All posters below hereby nominate @JDRoberts “Regular in Chief” of which said title shall never be revoked.”


Thanks for the shout, but the whole point of the quick browse lists is so everybody can find most things on their own… :sunglasses:

(Eric) #11

Banished for traveling, working, remodeling, automating… I’ll stop working.

(Glen King) #12

Frankly, these “community status” things on the Web ain’t worth a thing. If you have had the satisfaction of making even one post that has helped another person, that is worth waaaay more then some arbitrary moderator’s system settings.

(Eric) #13

Yes, I know. However there are conversation I had there that I tried to follow up on and I no longer have access.

(Ron Talley) #14

Wha? Didn’t even know about the “Private Lounge”. :joy: Clicked on it and I was granted entrance. :mask: Looked around cautiously and slowly, taking one step at a time and said to myself,…I’ve finally made it! I’m part of the “In-Crowd” now!

How do you tell what is your Trust Level?

(Eric) #15

Clearly I am no longer trusted. No idea other than looking at the badges you have been awarded.

(Glen King) #16

Wow, I don’t even see the existence of a “private lounge” area. Guess that’s because I do at least as much of my smarthome stuff in Tasker and Alexa as in ST… lol

(Ron Talley) #17

Tasked seems pretty powerful. I have am always on tablet that is set up to send announcements to an echo. Am I missing anything special?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #18

If you’re not using EchoSistant with Alexa… You’re missing a whole lot!

(Ron Talley) #19

Have it installed and I keep telling myself that I am going to get around to figuring it out. The install took every bit of energy I had for about 1 year! :joy: I am a nut job when it comes to balancing the temperature in my home. I have wished on so many occasions that I could just ask Alexa what is the temperature in one particular room but… From my understanding, EchoSistant can do this.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #20

if you have a device in each room that senses temperature… Yes EchoSistant can… And the great thing is there is no extra configuration for you.