Lost my ability to set an automation for Sunset or Sunrise?

I noticed earlier this week my exterior lights weren’t working the way they had for several years… opened the app today and noticed that my automations to turn the lights on at sunset and turn them off at sunrise had disappeared. Now that I’m trying to set them up again, the app is telling me that I can’t create an automation based solely on sunrise or sunset? That seems silly… any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Well this is totally dumb, but I was able add another condition, “Temperature under 130 degrees” and the automation was allowed. Whatever.

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There seems to be some ongoing issues in regards to automations and scenes. A few threads are talking about the different levels of things “not working” right now.

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100% all of my automation with sunset/sunrise dissapeared. Smartthings its an active issue.

Glad to know I’m not the only one. Will be interesting to see if they restore my old automations, but I think I was able to rebuild them by adding a second requirement (under 130 degrees).

stupid i know, but if you add a weather station it will fix this. seems ST is to lazy to program sunrise and sunset and just steals it from a weather service!

go to the IDE - Devices and hit “+New Device” button and select device type “SmartWeather Station Tile”.
Then set the setting on the app, @RBoy has a app that will keep this tile up to date…


Interesting, thanks. I should point out that I can go into history and see that the automations worked perfect right up to Tuesday, then stopped cold. Something definitely changed… but I will dig into this device. Thanks.

See this topic for more details on the smart weather tile (and additional features)

Does this fix the ‘missing’ the automations that dealt with sunset/sunrise ? or something else

After futzing around more over the weekend, I was able to fully restore the automations that I previously had installed that allowed my lights to come on and turn off with sunrise and sunset. So apparently, Samsung just randomly deleted my automations with the last “upgrade.” Frustrating but at least I’m back and running. Thanks to all who contributed ideas.

How did you restore? Manually or through some process?

I manually rebuilt the automations that had disappeared. But at least they work properly.

So what did you do? I have the same problem and when building a née automation it says I have to have another “if” to work.

Instead of clicking “Period of time” like you would think, leave it on “Specific Time” and just click “Sunrise” or “Sunset” on the button next to “Time” below top area. That did it for me.