Looking for WIRED motion and contact sensors


I bought a new house and they’ve pre wired the entire home for a security system. I declined the security system as I use SmartThings but I want to take advantage of the wires that are hanging out of my walls. Does anyone know where I can get motion and contact sensors that are hardwired. Everything I see now are all battery operated.

Thanks in advance.


I went about it this way and just used an appropriate power supply.

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If you get hardwired sensors make sure you have a system that can use them. Those wires will have been run assuming they were intended for standard wired security sensors. You can get sensors, and boards at a site like alarmsystemstore.com. To integrate into SmartThings you’ll need a compatible alarm board such as Konnected (konnected.io) or a board such as a Honeywell or DSC that can use an interface board such as an EVL4 and Alarmserver (do a search on the forum for alarmserver to see how that works)


SmartThings itself doesn’t accept wired sensor input, so you will need to get some kind of “brain” to take the wired signals and then convert them to something SmartThings can recognize.

Konnected.io was invented for exactly this purpose and has been very popular, but that was mostly for people who already had the sensors in place as well.

As @nathancu mentioned, there are some other alternatives as well, but all have the same issue: you need both the sensors and the brain device to translate the input to something SmartThings can recognize.