Hardwired door / window and motion sensors

(Coolcatiger) #1

Has anyone yet explored integrating hardwired door / window and motion sensors used in home security system (DSC+EnvisaLink) with ST ?

(Edward Pope) #2

I do not have the system, but you should be able to do this if the controller is on the network. You may need some sort of intermediate device such as an Arduino or perhaps a unused computer.

I am sure that the other guys here will chime in with more useful information. I will be paying attention to learn from all that you receive here (SMILE)

(Nicholas Wilde) #3

You might be able to use a MIMOlite with the wire sensor, but I’m not that familiar with them. I’m not sure if the MIMOlite can be hard wired or not.

(Dan) #4

I have integrated wired door sensors into Smart Things using an Arduino UNO and a Thing Shield. This required programming on the Arduino and some groovy code to create a custom DeviceType for the Arduino, as well as a SmartApp to multiplexe/demultiplex some virtual “contact sensor” devices. My house did not have an existing alarm system, but was pre-wired. The Arduino and Thing Shield cost about $60 total, and I have 6 doors integrated, and no batteries to ever change. I also monitor the temperature in my garage using the same Arduino. If I had bought all of the Zigbee/Zwave sensors to implement this solution, I would have spent $300 to $400 in parts (however the installation would have been simpler.) I spent under $100 and enjoyed the project immensely.

It has worked very well and has been very reliable thus far. Check out the forum discussion at Arduino SmartShield Garage Controller

(Edward Pope) #5

See, they did chime in for you. (SMILE)