Looking for wall controller that looks like a switch

A while ago, I remember seeing a remote switch that looked like a regular decora wall switch, but it was actually a remote that runs on a battery, and sticks to the wall. So you can basically add a light switch anywhere you want. I saw them on Amazon, and saw a video on YouTube about them. but now I can’t find them. Anyone have any ideas on this one?

It depends which country you are from. Different products are available in different regions.

Some options, IKEA On/Off switch. It is a zigbee remote with on and off position, has a metalic plate where it sticks by a magnet.

Philips Hue dimmer switch, it is a 4 button zigbee remote with a plastic plate, same magnetic solution to keep in place the remote. You can buy for it adapters to cover actual switches.

Philip Hue has a set of partners (Friends of Hue) who produce battery free motion powered zigbee remotes, which can fit in an actual switch’s place.

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From what you are describing it sounds like you are referring to the Zooz product → Zooz Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Remote Switch ZEN34 (Battery Powered) - The Smartest House


It’s likely you are referring to the Eaton Cooper “anyplace” switch which is a zwave device and one of the first of this kind. It came out several years ago.

Now there are several from different companies, but as @gzsbado mentioned The selection does vary by country.

You can start with the following thread and that might have what you want. The Eaton Cooper is not listed there because it doesn’t at present work with the new V3 app. :disappointed_relieved: same with the Ecolink. But there are a few that are confirmed to work with the current platform, including the Zooz mentioned above. (The zooz is a brand new device, so probably not the one you saw before, but becoming very popular.)

Here’s the FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

Pretty sure you’re thinking on the Zooz ZEN34 that SergL linked above

Could be, could be the ecolink

Could be the Eaton Cooper.

But the main point is the Zooz is available now and works with the new app, although it does require custom code. :sunglasses:


None of the names sound familiar, but the Zooz is what I’m looking for. Thank You.

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I don’t have any experience with Heatit Z Push switch, but it might work for you as well.

Has anyone tried these?