Looking For User Research Participants in the San Jose/ SF Bay Area

Hey Everyone!!

We at SmartThings need your help! We are looking for SmartThings owners to participate in user research studies. We would like to get your feedback on some exciting new features and products that we will be talking more about soon. You will be compensates $150 for your participation (which usually only lasts about 1 hour). The only caveat is that you must live in the San Francisco or San Jose areas of California. If you are interested please email me at the address below and I will get you set up.


Brent Lowe
Sr. UX Researcher

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Are NDAs required, Brent?

Hello. Yes You will be required to sign an NDA prior to the sessions.

Thanks, Brent.

I would find it super helpful if you could paste or link to the NDA - Saves the bother applying if we find the NDA overly restrictive or can run it by personal counsel…

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