Get paid to participate in a SmartThings User Study

The SmartThings UX Research team is conducting some user interviews and would love to get your feedback from some of our community developers. Qualified participants will be scheduled for a 30-minute usability interview where they will receive a $50 Amazon Gift card. If you would like to participate please click the following link to complete a questionnaire to see if you qualify.

Privacy Policy

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thinking about it

Signed up.

I also signed up

If we signed up last time do we need to sign up again?

In multiple jurisdictions, including California, it is not legal to request personally identifiable information such as name and phone number without first displaying the privacy policy and getting acceptance of that.

You should display the privacy policy before you begin to collect the other information.

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Yes, this is a completely different study

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Thanks for the info!! The policy is posted in the original post. I appreciate it!!


Is this for users or developers?

Right now we are looking for developers.

Ok thank you.