Looking for suggestion on new router (December 2018)

Anyone have any suggestions. I would like to.go p.o ur and but top of the line but I cant. I was looking at the netgear r6700. Its 79.99 for sale on amazon. My house is not big and I have an extender plugged in directly that sits on the other side of my house. My current fios router is driving me insane. Routers used to.be simple to buy but no more…lol.

I had to go with mesh in my new house. Was having issues getting signal to Nest outdoor cams using Netgear R6400 plus matching extender. Extender backhaul was via Ethernet.

Not cheap but I ended up putting 4 eero devices around the place. One serves as the router. Since this wasn’t what I had planned for, only one of the additional eeros has wired backhaul, the others use wireless to reach the router.

The eeros are great unless you lose internet connectivity. Then their simplicity is a drawback to diagnosing the issue.

You can see previous conversations on this topic by going to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking down at the bottom of that page for the “project reports” section, and choosing the list on Routers. :sunglasses:



Before this house I used the Netgear R6400 with matching Netgear EX6200 Extender for a couple of years. Router was in upstairs office. Extender was in downstairs living room about diagonally opposite the router. Extender backhaul was via wireless, didn’t have any hardwired Ethernet in that house.

The combo worked as well as can be expected with wireless backhaul. I did have occasional issues with the extender locking up and needing to be power-cycled.

If you haven’t already, you might want to check thewirecutter.com for router recommendation. They usually list a best and a budget pick.

I have a ring doorbell & waiting for my brother in law to add my ring floodlight so I cant do mesh. From what I read and the ring rep said, ring products & mesh dont play nice with each other.

Ring’s official support docs recommend Wi-Fi mesh, so you may want to check with them again. There may be individual models that they have a problem with.

That’s strange jd. When I spoke to the rep Sunday about an issue she said the opposite. We were talking about my doorbell issue & ahe asked what router I was using & she said ring has issues with mesh systems…

Could be. The Hue Bridge did for a while until they put out a firmware update about a year ago.

I am getting ready to move to Ubiquiti UniFi